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The issue being discussed goes also true to the Sales and Service departments, I was an employee for over 11 years,as a Sales Manager if the regional did not like you he will find a way to fire you or send you to another dept. and make sure they fire you, that is what the issue with I was sent to the Service Dept. as as service writer and the Service Manager needs to keep a 96% daily call to the customers if you could not reach the customer he will make you use any phone number to makes his quota and if you refused he will write you up for insubordination, the company keeps records of all call and when they came to find out how we kept a 99% daily call found that we where using wrong number we got fired but th manager was praised by calling corporate and telling on us,

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I gave 11 years to that company and they fired me one morning without any regard for the years of service they claimed I had made false calls to meet my goal of 99% calls the main heading on this complaint is totally correct, that was done to me I was pressured every day to make the goals and make calls to any number to meet corporate mandate, but the manager was not fired he kept his job, after that happened in 2009 I was without a job for 3 years and lost almost everything. THANK YOU CARMAX FOR RUINING MY LIFE.


That is correct that happened to me I started working on Carmax Miami in 1998 as sales consultant the sales manger but since I was the on making the sales consultant do follow up the now general manager was very friendly with the regional manager and sent me to servie dept. and that information is CORRECT


Carmax managers are all snakes in the grass. None of them are honest!!!

I worked for Carmax for 11 years also.

They fired me because I was at the top of my pay scale and they did like me personally. Horrible bunch of used car salesmen ( or more commonly known as crooks ) to work for !!!


Corrrction: They did NOT like me personally.


carmax is an evil deceptive company. Tboy is a super control freak and he is slowly and certainly destroying this company.

People will argue the point that carmax has over 100 stores and he can't be doing anything wrong, but that fact does not mean success. If I sold just 1 vehicle to everyone in the world and screwed them, I would be super rich, but nobody would ever come back! Would I really care at this point?

NO! I got rich, and screw them!


You see! I can't believe how many employees feel and experience the same bs that I do!

The biggest problem is there are too many rules and carmax is run like a concentration camp. My manager once stopped me from putting a SOLD sign on a vehicle after I told him or her that the customer was def coming in the next day to buy! It's a good thing that vehicle didnt get sold because I would have blasted that *** for what it's worth! "We dont hold cars" was the answer I got, BUT there were plenty of time my mentor did the same thing and NOTHING was said!

This is what it is like working at carmax.

How ironic is it that when your hired you are told it's a "fun place to work"!!! Gotta love the power trips these addicts are on!


Absolutly true CarMax is a terible place to work, but its a job with bebefits. So, if you can stomach the b.s.

until you can find something better. (Of course for the non carmax employee readers of this site)- carmax has a dept that surfes the web to look for this comments, and if they catch you writing about them u are pretty much goning to be fired - they will find some other reason My experience is that the Regional Staff is comprised of straight up *** and B**ches


This is true. They make all these policys and if you try to report management for not following them YOU get fired by whoever you reported for "something unrelated", if you listen to them and dont follow the policy and they get caught they blame it on you and you still get fired. The politics involved in working for this company are out of hand you need a union at carmax.


True story It happened at my store, This is a company wide problem there are no ethics at this company. Its fascism at your finest

@Former Employee

ABSOLUTELY no ethics! I have been recommending to folks that are interested in buying a vehicle to test drive them at carmax, but go elsewhere to actually buy.

You see, its one of the best ways to get back at managers, because the pressure will come down on them to make the sales person sell MORE. It doesn't look good to have MANY test drives and not many sales.