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I went to carmax today and it was horrible! I don't recommend any body to go there.

At first I thought I was gona trade in my car!

Bt at the end of the day they wanted this big *** down payment! I don't understand why your appraisal don't go toward your down payment!

Bt overall it wasn't what I had expected and they don't stick to their word! They had me looking at cars knowing I couldn't get a car!

They just get people hopes up! Bt yea don't go there!

Find another car dealership.Yu will get more for your money! Trust me!

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Thankx for the heads up but I don't pay my payments thru the car company I pay thru ford credit thank you! And I don't have bad credit!

Carmax jus wanted way to much!!!

So I got something I wantd and is also paying less!! Thanks to FORD!!


Hope you aren't paying the dealership payments where you bought the car. If so they saw a sucker with bad credit a mile a way. Good luck getting out of the car.


@ monica I'm not worried bout that cus I got a better car somewhere else with no down payment!!! Like I said they fuckn suck and idgf..


Waste of time. Carmax sucks!!!


that would be why you check your credit score before you leave home..that way you can understand why they need a downpayment. Looks like either A.) you were too far upside down on the worth of your vehicle, or B.) Your credit sucks.

My experience was just fine with Carmax, but then again I checked my credit score. and knew what to expect.

If you go to another car dealership yeah they may give you more for your trade in, but they will end up jacking up the price of the vehicle you are purchasing instead. If that makes you feel better then sure have at it.

The cars at Carmax are priced the way they are for a reason, you dont have to worry about a stiff in a suit, they get paid the same whether you buy a BMW or a saab, so you know your not going to be forced into a car you dont want.

My last two cars and both of my daughters cars have come from Carmax and I'll never shop anywhere else.

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