Lawrenceville, Georgia

So to keep things short, I bought a car from Carmax in June of 2012. When I bought the car I drove it for maybe 5 miles before I had to send it to their shop.

This went on for 3-4 weeks. First time I had the car go to the shop they had to replace the windshield because it had a faulty repair done to it. The second time the replaced the entire front end bearings. The third time the A/C went out.

The fourth time they didnt charge the A/C so I had to turn around and give it right back to them. So basically as you can see I worked with them when the car was basically rebuilt. So in February of 2013 I lost my job and let them know I would be falling behind in payments until I could get another one. I recently obtained a new job and let them know, but now they wont work with me.

I told them I get paid on Monday or Tuesday of this upcoming week and they will not give me 2 days to catch the car up.

I cannot understand why I was supposed to be so understanding and work with them when they sold me an obvious lemon, but I ask for 2 days to get my check and they threaten me with repossession. Never do business with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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That's hard to believe. I've purchased 2 cars through Car Max, and have paid almost a month past the due date more than once when my husband lost his job.

They didn't report it to credit bureaus and didn't hassle me by phone.

We've never needed any major repairs on either car. I'm not discrediting the possibility that your vehicle had so many problems in a 3 to 4 week period (although it sounds strange to have your car in the shop 4 times for 3 different problems in a few week period), but that doesn't mean they knew about these things and tried to trick you into buying a lemon.


I pretty much had the same bad experience with carmax


I'm sorry, but this post is ridiculous. Faulty A/C units or windshield repair does not equate to a "lemon".

These are used cars, *** happens. I have been using Carmax Auto-Finance for a very long time and they have never done me wrong. In fact, they give you 30 days after your payment due date before they even contact credit bureaus to report a late payment (as many lenders do).

As for your situation, being jobless for longer than the period of time in which Carmax Financing allows before repossessing your vehicle is not their fault. It's very simple: You have no job = You can no longer afford your car.

If you have, say, until the 30th until they repossess, what makes you think letting them know that you'll pay on the 31st will stop them from repossessing? It's called rules. They already bend them A LOT by allowing more than 90 days of missed payments before repossessing. Lenders do not WANT to repossess your car.

It costs them time and money. Quit bashing a business that hasn't done you wrong.


This post is ridiculous. There are other issues to bash carmax about, but this post is not fair.


No Sir! You are wrong.

I bought a truck from them. Then the AC goes out cost me $500, then the rear sliding window goes out $600 but I could not afford to fix.

Finally the rear end goes out $1200. They are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n And so are you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree! Both times I bought cars through them, there were times I had to pay almost a month late and had zero negative consequences for doing so aside from a late charge, which is fairly reasonable.

I don't recall having to pay a late charge, though, if I was only a few days late. I will always buy through them because of the fact that our experiences have been excellent and it is so rare now to do business with a company who doesn't try to slam you when you are late on a payment. We've been very pleased with our cars as well.

The first one we bought needed no major repairs during the 11 years we owned it. The second car was a recent purchase and there have been no problems with it.


Carmax is so irresponsible and fraudulent they took my mom information so I can use her as a consigned and faulty put on the application she worked fot 2yrs which was a lie no one ever asked how long anything I just needed I cosigner with more income... long story short I return my car for break repair which only had the car for 11 days they put a hold because of there mistake They said we needed to put down more money smh now im carless i hate carmax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not believe you at all. Your story doesn't hold water.

Carmax checks everything as far as income verification and their lenders are not going to give you a loan and 11 days later say, oh we made mistake. Sorry i don't believe you at all.


If your car was being repossessed, then its not like you were 1 or 2 days late with your payment and Carmax is repossessing your car. Also, as "Dumb" pointed out, Carmax is not a lender (DUH).


Yes and no. Carmax does provide in-house financing through CAF (carmax auto finance)for those that qualify.

An individual would need to be 45-60 days behind on a payment before orders are issued for repossession. Once the vehicle is repossessed, it is brought to the nearest carmax, and then there is a waiting period for the customer to bring the loan current. If they do, the vehicle will be returned to them.

If not, the vehicle will be run through an on-site auction at carmax. CAF prefers that the customer pays the loan and stays in the car as most repossessions run through the auctions lose quite a bit of money.


Carmax is the dealer, not the lender. The lender is who would say you could or could not make late payments.

The dealer of any automobile line, new or used, has no say about your loan after you sign the paperwork.

- Unless you buy at a "Buy here Pay here" place - but Carmax is not one of those.


Carmax has its on finance company...


It doesn't sound like your car was rebuilt. It depends on how far back you were on payments.