When you can buy one from Car Max.I purchased a 2006 Chevy HHR and in less than one year, the floor boards of my car hold water when it rains.

I took the vehicle in for repairs and they told me they were 100% sure it was not the sunroof. I took it back again 2 weeks later and this time they said they were 90% sure it was the sun roof.

Well one good rain and there was the water again. I registered a complaint on line and they called me within minutes. I asked Gail how long they would have the car and if more than one day could I get a loaner car.

She kept snapping at me and said she would have to talk to her manager and call me back. That was Monday, May 3 and I have yet to hear back from her.

I would not send my worst enemy to Car Max to buy a bumper sticker. I hate I did not purchase from a dealership and I wish that the government would investigate them for fraud.

They owe a lot of people money.Honestly we need to find a way to bain together and fight this legally.

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Who told u to buy an HHR?Seems like you have a Chevy issue not Carmax.

Things happen.Stop parking under trees and your sunroof won't clogged.


This is great advice for us that are NOT morons and cannot AFFORD to buy a new car. Why do idiots always have to post the most retarded comments and call everyone else morons? Lol.


Do you know what a LEMON is? I'll tell you what it's not: a USED CAR.

A LEMON is a car that is NEW that you have a service issue with. After you give the dealership several opportunities to fix the problem and they are unable to do so, only then is the NEW CAR a lemon.

You did not buy a lemon. You bought a USED CAR. And good luck fighting them in arbitration!


Was a customer for four years @ Kenosha, WI. It must be in the "Proper Tatics for Carmax employees" manual; they are allowed to snap back at customers while the customers are NEVER right. I snapped at them for poor service & the service consultant snapped back. They still probably didn't like "Well I'm not the one who touched my car last!!!" :grin

I have few personal problems with Carmax. From personal experience: If they try to be your friend....RUN FAR,FAR AWAY!! THEY WILL USE YOU! I can't explain due to its not related to this complain.

I am planning on buying a new Toyota later this year. I am making a VERY WISE decision & going to Milwaukee to buy this perfect new Toyota.

Too bad for them LOL :)

Best luck to you. I wish you were local; I would go in there for you and snap in person for you. No joke LOL

Down with Carmax!


thanks dor this insight because i am in the process of shopping around for a car i will take carmax out of my search

Allenton, Michigan, United States #140724

FIGHT WHAT YOU MENTAL MIDGET??????? YOUR THE *** THAT BOUGHT THE USED CAR!!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :x :x :? :? :cry :cry :cry

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