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I contacted Carmax regarding the selection of Jeep Unlimiteds they had in various locations. They naturally wanted to do an appraisal on my vehicle.

I visited to discuss the vehicle to transfer from Nebraska, they charge you 750.00 NON refundable. They did the appraisal on my Dodge Nitro and wanted to offer WHOLESALE value of $6,500 but naturally they wanted to sell me the vehicle for HIGH resale at $19,599. I laughed! the salesperson said let me let you talk to the guy that did the appraisal and explain how he got that number...

I said GIVE ME MY KEYS. INSULT! my nitro, 4wd low miles, EXCELLENT condition, no body damaged, EXCELLENT mechanical well maintained! I said: I DON'T CARE HOW THEY GOT THAT NUMBER, AND GIVE ME MY KEYS!

I ended up getting $10,500 for my Nitro, paid $2,000 less for a jeep with the SAME options and LOWER miles! from Tucson Subaru! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

It is COMICAL! Did I mention I am female!

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #774024

Great decision anonymous. You should have never gone to carmax in the first place, but they do advertise and people listen to those darn commercials.

You did the right thing by going some place else. Now as far as the sales person, they are sitting there waiting for the appraisal to come back with their fingers up their @$$ darn well knowing this deal is NOT GOING TO WORK! carmax does NOT CARE ABOUT THE SALESPERSON, THEY ARE JUST "ORDER TAKERS" . You can be the best sales (bulshiter) person in the world, but you will not sell someone a vehicle if their appraisal is not fair.

The appraisal is fair to carmax, because they research what vehicles are selling at auctions, but you are not at the auction, you are there as a potential car buyer and carmax will not make "the deal work" for the customer.

So, I say *** carmax and their rippoff ways and practices! This company is pure greed and evil

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