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My wife and I looked at many dealers, including the Carmax in Kennesaw, GA. The Carmax rep who helped us (Bernardo) was friendly and -- for a salesman -- not overly pushy. He was happy to let us test drive several cars, but we weren't happy with any of them, so he listened to our particular issues (i.e., the specific things we did and didn't like about each model) and found some nearby cars that he thought would fit our needs. We didn't need to put down a deposit or even promise that we'd buy from him -- he was happy to have the cars brought onto the lot for us.

We kept looking at other dealers, of course, but many turned us off with their pushiness or the sudden price changes. ("How much is it?" "Oh, about 15K, give or take." *one positive test drive later* "So, 15K?" "Oh, actually it's 19K, my bad. Let's get you financed!") When we went back to Carmax to drive the Pontiac Vibe he found us, we loved it. The price was reasonable by NADA standards -- at the high end of the range, but less than many places were asking for an equivalent car (since they expect to haggle with you for hours over it).

We bought the car there. The financing was easy and the paperwork was smooth. It was nice to not feel like I had to fight to get what I wanted. Knowing that we had a 5-day return policy and a 30-day warranty was comforting -- we brought the car to our own mechanic the next day, and he couldn't find anything less than perfect about it.

Now, Bernardo DID hard-sell the Carmax extended warranty. Like crazy. But that's his bonus -- I can't fault him, because it's easy to say "No, thanks." And I did consider it for a while, but when I came back to make a purchase and I gave him a firm and final "No", he let it drop. Fortunately, my Vibe still has 60,000 miles on its powertrain warranty, so I'm not that worried.

I'd recommend Carmax again. I might have been able to find a cheaper deal if I tried, but I doubt I'd get a car in such good condition, and I KNOW my stress levels would be through the roof, as opposed to being cool and calm as I drove off the lot.

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