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From the time i bought my car to now, which equals 2 years. Ive been to carmax service center about 20 times UNWANTINGLY!!

There so called check list that they do before they sell the car is the most inaccurate thing out. in the first 2 months 3 of the things on the list went wrong. while having work done on my car these people left out my oil dipstick and holder along with some bolts. The next month i went for an oil change and the mechanics asked me if i knew that several parts from my car were missing.

I called CarMax and apparently they were just lying around. UGGGHHHHH!!!!

FOR A WHOLE MONTH!! Buying my 1st car has been the WORST experience EVER!!!

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there is no check list anymore. it's called change the oil, give it a wash and ready for sale.

"if something is wrong we'll worry about it later". hmmm.....

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