Needless I took my vehical in for service. Left minus two i phone ncharging cords. When I complained, I was told that I should not have left them in the car. I did 'nt really think about taking something that stays in the vehical always. Nobody warned me that thieves work at carmax. Needless to say I have NO recourse. They can take whatever they want from your vehical because you *** enough to leave your stuff in it. I guess I will be cashing in my extented warranty tomorrow. carmax hires crooks and too bad you were dumb to leave anything they want to take from you.

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I took my car in for an appraisal at the Kennesaw GA store and the buyer took all my CD's and the money out of my arm rest. I was not looking to buy so I sat in the office with the not so bright sales person while they looked at my car.

I saw the buyer a young short kid look at my car then take it for a drive. He went around the parking lot a few times then stopped at a Dodge truck in the upper parking lot. He got out and went into the truck but I figured he was just doing somthing with the truck. I got my appraisal and left to think about it, I was on the phone so I did not notice that all the CD's had been taken out of my radio.

I was almost home when I turned the radio on and found the CD's were missing then I looked around and found a couple dollar bills and about five dollars in change had been taken out of my arm rest. I called the store to complain and was told they would look into it, they said the person in my car was not a real buyer but someones assistant.

Why is that my problem they still work for carmax and took things from my car. I never received any follow up and don't expect too.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #359748

They talk the talk but dont walk the walk. The warranty is BS the 5 day return is BS the condition of the cars is BS and the prices are BS. Add bad customer service and poor treatment of employees to that also


That is "car service the wau it should be"- isn't that Carmax's motto. I don't think they rely on customer service much, it's alla cliche to them. From selling cars with bad engine to stealing from customers, not that's top class services right there!!!!

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