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We bought a 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx from the Waukesha Wisconsin store. We were completely statisfied with the sale until it came to them doing what they promised they would do. When we picked out the car we were told by there salesperson Efron that the car had a remote start on it but that because the FOB was showing low battery that it wasnt working but they would make sure it did. We scheduled the repair for the following week to get a few minor issues taken care of. They repared everything but the remote start and told us that they would have to take it to the Chevy dealer to have it checked out, but not to worry we would have a remote start.

On Tuesday Sept 18th, 2 weeks after we purchased the car we dropped it back off with them to get this taken care of. We recieved a call last night from Maribell Last night telling my husband that the car didnt have a remote start on it and that we were never told that they would put one on it, that we were told "IF" there was one they would fix it. She then told us that we had one of two options. We could either pick it up as it was or they could buy it back and we could pick out a different car. My husband got so angry he told her he would get back with her and hung up.

I immediately contacted their customer relations department in VA and was told that I would hear back from someone at the dealership to get it straightened out. I GOT NO CALL. So this morning I called the VA number again to be told that each store can make their own decisions and because they said they were not going to put the remote start on that there was nothing the main office could do. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I asked to escalate it to the GM of the store and was told Randy would call me. WHAT A JOKE. Again I waited for a call and after not hearing I called the store and asked for Randy to find out he wasnt in the office today. So I asked for the person right under him and was given to Eric. I told Eric the situation and he told me he would get back to me by 4pm. I called back to find out that Eric had already left for the day but that he had told the next person what was going on and that he was able to handle it.

So I asked what they were going to do and was told "Well I have to take my salespersons word that you werent told that we would give you one but that you were told that we would fix it "IF" there was one one the car" he then went on to say "Our sales people are trained to have integrity so therefore thats why I will believe him" Again I was told that they would buy the car back and get us one with a remote start or we could just take it as it was.

So now I have the name of the regional manager, been told that because their salespeople are trained integrity that my husband and I must be lying, a car with no remote start, and a car that has spent more time in their service department since we bought it then in our driveway.

Carmax needs to know what it means to have customer service and step up to the plate and back their word.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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The salespeople don't get to set the prices on cars, he couldn't charge you for anything extra if he tried. You should have been given documentation on the car when you bought it which identified the features on the car.


If a business used come-ons illegally, then most companies would be out of business..


Update: After going to the GM for our area the remote start was installed. It was a pain in the butt to get it done but it got done.


ALq You may not think a remote start is that big but you live in Florida, Try living where it gets below zero....Also the salesman showed us the car and told us it had one which means we paid for one. I want what I pay for.


Carmax sells aftermarket accessories such as DVD players, alarms & remote starts. When they discovered that it doesnt have one, they could have easily intalled a new at very little cost to them. They chose not to because theyre cheap & have already got your money.


They paid for a remote start, honey.


You get what you pay for honey! :p


alq you are a sarcastic and unprofessional. It all reflects the kind of company carmax is.


OMG! No remote start.

What a great tragedy!

Get real and get a life!!!!!!!!! :cry

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