Please listen to my warning so you don't have a similar problem, as Carmax will not help you.

I have a car that is under warranty until I reach 150,000 miles. Currently my car shuts off when i'm driving, Carmax can't fix my car they sent me to dodge.

Dodge can't find a diagnose for why my car shuts off and has replaced numerous parts. End result Carmax offers to buy me out for half of the cars current blue book. Also they're almost impossible to sue because they're printed warranty is 5 day return no question asked or 30 days 1,000 miles. There maxcare is only a service warranty and will not hold up in court.

They are not selling you a certified vehicle as they tell you. It's only Carmax certified which means nothing in court, as it has no standards.

BEWARE. I now owe on an unsafe, infix able vehicle and I can't even sue them.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #824330

I wish you had read one of my hundreds of replies before you purchased your Dodge, although you may have possibly purchased it before my reply to a post about a year ago. Anyway, carmax does a 125 point inspection, which means they go through a checklist which means squat.

It doesn't mean they repair all that needs fixing!

Never, ever compare their inspection to lets say a "certified used Toyota"! Its just a trick to make the customer feel at ease.

to r***ader Valencia, California, United States #828208

I wish I had read your comments too. I'm going through a major headache with this Warranty Group.

No where in the contract does it say I have to pay the difference of the repair cost if TWG isn't willing to pay full difference.

Carmax won't give me a copy of the actual check list, all they are saying is that the certificate I have is all I get. So now I'm being told that I have to pay a difference of $1500 for my transmission.

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