when I bought my car they asked for extended warranty persistently within

a month I had a problem I took the in Irving car max they did not fix

it I have taken for 7 times for the same problem I have not fix it, one of the supervisor humiliated front of the family I have complied with the Manager, still the problem was not fix 7th time I was lost the patience

I have wrote in the papers regarding the bad service I told the service

person regarding this I only got Attorney letter not to come to carmax

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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By the way my son went to Irvine real bad people. But ended up getting a car @ the Costa Mesa location.

He is also having problems.

They sold him a car with weathered 04 tires on the front with 09's on back.Other problems also.Its time to go to the Media. :cry :upset


My son just got a car from carmax. I wish he had seen this..Looks like we need an Atty.Thanks for all the information


A dealership is far better than these robbers. Their motto seems to be: BUY for next to nothing and SELL even higher than a dealer.

Don't go there. Their lame "no negotiations" policy is the first red flag and the second is that their used car quality is far lower than that of a dealer. And their lame extended warranties are pathetic. You'll often end up with a piece of *** that you paid a premium for.

And they basically steal your trade-in to add insult to injury. Many people have lost THOUSANDS going to these crooks.

Don't do it. You'll be happier in the end.


He is doing us all a favor by telling us his experience with a shady company. By the way, which CarMax do you work at uyikhjklll?

Truth is CarMax is feeding off of consumers using this image they put forward. They are full of lies and are very decietfull.

Too bad too. They had the right idea when they started.


listen just becuase u dont like it doesent mean u have to tell it to the world.

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