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I recently purchased my dream car from Carmax, an Infiniti G37. It only had 11,200 miles on it when I purchased it. I even drove an hour to get it. Fantastic right???.....

Issue #1

The third day I had the car I noticed two of my tires had a big chunk in the wall of the tires! I couldn't believe it. I have done research and for the most part if you don't see any wires sticking out or blistering than you should be fine. However, I have read stories online where tires have blown out due to this problem. Carmax will not replace my two tires.

Issue #2

My brakes squeak. What was Carmax's solution? Cut the rotors???? The assistant service manager told me there was a glaze on the rotors so they had to cut them. Great, so now I have a car where I can cut the rotors one more time before I have to replace them. Rotors are very exspensive and every time you get a break job done they cut the rotors. Mind you the car has 11,200 miles on it.

Issue #3

The car doors leak water. Yep, you hear me right. The car straight up leaks water right where the speakers are. No joke, Aldo at Ontario, CA Carmax told me. "We ran your car through the car wash, and we see that it does leak a little. We couldn't find anything wrong with the lining so you should be fine." He then proceeded to move on. I said "Hold on a second, so you're not going to fix it?" no joke, this is what he told me "You still have a factory warranty with Infiniti, you need to take it there so they can fix it." Now mind you that I am within my 30 day warranty and I'm being told by Carmax to take my car elsewhere to be repaired because they cannot nor will not fix it. my warranty is bumper to bumper and this is a breach of contract.

Issue #4

My driveriside windshield wiper bumps and skips as it clears the rain from my windshield. The passenger side wiper works fine. What did carmax say? "We didn't see the windshield skip across." It was at that point that I almost lost my mind on these folks. I am outside my 5 day return but I asked the guy if I could return my car. He said he would talk about it with his manager. That was almost 2 hours ago and I didn't get a call back. His name is Devlin Ambers.

Who ever is reading this steer clear of Carmax, they are a nightmare to deal with. The only reason I know about breaks is because I went to school.

I am going to sue Carmax 100%. Not a threat, I'm going to sue.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $3430.

Preferred solution: I would like to return my vehicle and never deal with Carmax as long as I live..

Carmax Pros: Www.

Carmax Cons: Www.

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