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The Virginia Beach, Virginia Car Max sold me a wrecked vehicle and told me it had never been in a wreck. The unrepaired damage was hidden behind a new corner panel, placed over the dented and mangled steel, by Va.Beach Car Max.

It was discovered the day after I purchased the car. When I called the sales manager to discuss the issue, he wanted to know how I had discovered the damage. Talk about lack of integrity.

The Car Max sales manager denied the damage, then admitted (in anger)that they knew the car was wrecked and had performed some of the repairs. Hours later he retracted his statement, only to finally admit (the following day)that the car was previously wrecked but swore they had no prior knowledge. At one point, the sales manager and a Car Max employee tried to convince me that the smashed and mangled steel (corner panel)and badly repaired wheel well and side of trunk was "suppose to look that way". Bottom line.. Car Max lies. They sell badly damaged vehicles and hope no one finds out.

Unscrupulous management- lying, void of conscience and integrity.

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There are a couple things that seem incomplete about this persons story...1) as some one else pointed out carmax has the 5 day return policy. 2) this would Clearly violate the Lemon Law.

3) and there would be no way for them to deny knowing of damage since all vehicles sold are inspected and worked on including having a vehicle history report run. Especially when your talking frame damage that had the outer body work done. This would be such a slam dunk law suit even Lional Huttz could of won( the mall lawyer from the Simpsons) and for big bucks! I would of been thrilled if that REALLY happened to me because I would of been able to retire on that settlement!

I do not or have ever worked for carmax but know of there vehicle procedures from when I delivered parts for carquest years ago. So not really buying this persons entire version of what went on!


This is fake and for the people who believe this I feel sorry for you. This is the internet and you should'nt believe everything you read.

Carmax has a 5 day return policy on every car so if there was a problem you could have easily returned it no problem. I have never seen any manager attempt to talk a customer out of returning a car thats BS its against their policy!

They have some of the best customer service scores out there and are the top 100 list of companys in the nation to work for. Theres a reason for that.


VA Beach is a new generation test store. They don't have real mechanics or painters.

All the operations associates are hourly and they are not trained as techs or painters. This is a way for CarMax to save thousands of dollars by paying lower wages. The program is working for them by saving a lot of money, they will keep rolling it out to more stores this year. The quality is way down but they are still selling cars and the profits are huge, 10 to 20% higher than traditional stores.

It's all about the bottom line. The manager there is Guy and he is a good manager but not allowed to make decisions. He is a corp puppet and has been trained to focus on profit only. Don't even try to contact corp they will give you a bigger run around than the store.

Best bet if you don't get your money back is to pay a lawyer $200 to write a demand letter for you.

They hate lawyers and will give you your money plus legal fees and any other expenses immediatly. They can't handle all the bad press a coutr decision would bring.


so did u get your money back they say they got a 5 day return policy..... u know that a manager will say anything to keep you from returning a car..... way to go


After reading this I'll stay the *** away from the place. Sounds like they do shady deals. For all you know they could be selling unsafe vehicles.


After reading this I'll stay the *** away from the place. Sounds like they do shady deals. For all you know they could be selling unsafe vehicles.


Barb and Horace, I am sure that the manager at that peticular Carmax has some moral issues but not all Carmax places are that way. And not all sales personnel

are that way either.

Please dont let one bad experience with some manager that does not know his butt from a hole in the ground ruin it for you.

Should have asked to speak to his boss/or the CEO of the Company. Someone will actually help if given the chance.


We received your comlaint and would appreciate the opportunity to assist. Please call us at 800-519-1511.


I'm so glad I came across this site. I was thinking about buying a used card from them but no way in *** will I spend my money there.


Did you bring the car back under their 5 day return policy?

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