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Just left Car Max of King of Prussia the staff was nice but they had a lot of tricks up their selves. The staff member whom completed the final sale, Fatima decided to finalize my sales paper with taxes titles and monthly payment over the next 72 months at $428.00 a month.

Can you please do the math for me, I only have a 2 bachelors degree and an a Associates degree. A Toyota Corolla with 32 thousand miles priced at the beginning as $15,998 and ended at 32,000.00 after six years of consistent payments with 21% interest. 21% is three thousand dollars and some change. which would equal $18,998.

What wasnt mentioned was that CAR MAX charges 21 % interest each month.

Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read the small print. 21% times 72 months 1,512.00 That is how much they were charging per month. They refused to hand over the paper work to me at my request, with my signature.

I told them I will not be paying 32,000.00 for a 2016 Toyota Corolla with 32 thousand miles. Look at this scenario if this car is totaled, crashed or wrecked tomorrow I would be in debt to CAR MAX for more then $18,998.00. I would be responsible for 18,998,00 for the rest of your life. Now when I purchase the next vechicle I'm in debt 18,998.00 which would be added to the cost of the next vechicle.

You would continuously remain in debt. No thank You!

I would never waste my time or effort purchasing a car from their establishment. I've lost all trust in car establishments such as these.

By the rate their interest rates are so high because they are their own leader don't believe the hype.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Thank you. You just help me do my own math I knew I was not crazy I’m so glad I went with my gut I was getting a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze LT with 43 thousand miles for $13,598 dollars they wanted me to pay $420 for 72 months I knew something was wrong with that figure thank you