Vine Grove, Kentucky

on ughtaugust 26,2009 my son bought a 2002 nissan altama. within 6 months the head gaskit hed to be replaced.

the machanic that had it hooked up to the computor also said that their may be a small crack in the head. thats just great! well a few months down the road & several quarts of oil my son tells me that something bad is going on with his car. i told him if he thought it to a nissan dealer & hook it up to a computer.thats when it hit the said he needed a new motor!

that did it righht there. i told him were going back to carmax. upon arrival i asked to speek to the manager. he took my son & i to one of those famous little cubicles where they *** the first time.i informed the manger all the recipts my son had collected.

he didint want to see them. but when i pulled out the carmax check list i showed him that there is no where on thatshowes that a compuyer was never pluged into the car to have a dionostics checked done on the car. thats when the managers arragence hit high gear. j asked him if we could worked out some kind of a trade.

he rather quickly said no. so i said in your commercals you by our car even if you dont by one one of thers he said sure ill giv you $50 bucks for the car. thats when when my son& i got up & left.

vowing we will never return and we would sprrad the word on how they do business. do your self a favor && never shop @ carmax espicaly the rivergate store !!!

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*** grammer ***. Who cares about the spelling or grammer.

You're able to read it and the point of the post is clear.

English is not everyone's first language. Try writing in another language before you complain.


Who cares if the spelling is right. Bottom line is they ripped them off.

Ill not be buying any cars from them ! Get a life spell checkers.


In response to Grammar and spelling comment, a decent quality car that is 7 going on 8 years old that has been properly maintained should not be needing a new motor or engine.

With regard to nineiron's comment, it was rather rude and harsh, but they have a point. If people want their posts or reviews to be read and have credibility, they should at least take the time to proof read them before posting.

I agree with the comment by PlayNiceKids, get any used car checked out by a mechanic before, I repeat before, you buy it. Private car sales are considered "As Is" sales and getting it checked after you've bought it is too late. It is now your problem. Not much different with car dealerships even if the car comes with a warranty. A lot of things aren't covered by warranties or the warranty may be voided for various reasons. Also, if possible get the maintenance records on the car to see if it has been properly maintained. If for example a car hasn't had oil changes on a regular basis that could lead to engine problems later.


Not everyone is good at spelling, grammar, or typing. This doesn't mean there's no credibility to the complaint. Often people are too trusting or naive in their business transactions and expect more from a company or salesperson than they should. Carmax represents itself as being different from your typical dealership and for treating customers fairly, equally and with respect. They even have had commercials about them not buying and selling lemons. This complaint if true and accurate would certainly contradict that image.

I think the lesson here is that if you are buying a used car you should have it checked out by an independent mechanic or dealership. I think it costs around a $100 or so. Well worth it. This way you know what you're getting into from an unbiased pro.

Additionally, people should be aware that they should do this even if buying from Carmax or a dealership. Maybe Carmax didn't hook the car up to the computer because they suspected something with the car and didn't want to have to fix it or disclose it. Maybe they don't routinely hookup cars to the computers for diagnostics before they sell them. Who knows? Either way it just reinforces how important it is for you to make sure the car is checked before you buy it and take on unforseen repairs.


A review like this doesn't have any credibility when it appears to have been written by a third grader at best. A little screening would go a long way.


Grammar and spelling are a great way to determine if a post is worth reading or ignoring. Also, people complaining about an eight year old car needing repairs is absurd. This is why it's best to leave reviewing companies to professionals.

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