Carmax says they will give good on your trade in. I purchased a used 2007 with 20k+ miles on it end of year 07.

I went last year to trade it in and they were only offering about 2500 for it, granted I understand the depreciation and the fact that I have added another 30k miles to it but 2500,that is a rip off if ever I heard one. I owe 10k for the car. They are horrible. All the salesman said when they checked it over the engine is good, everything is good but it needs a lot of body work.

That is a load of sewage it had two scratches on it that someone ***'s did while I was grocery shopping. Carmax is a joke. I felt like an idoiot myself because I bought a vehicle from them several years ago when they first opened and the salesman was great everything was great and I always sang their praise when someone ask me where would I go to shop for another vehicle.

But now. Well you judge for yourself.

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We have a carmax that opened up here in new haven, ct a few years ago. I have never traded in a car to them, and therefore never purchased a car from them.

However I have been thru the process to their trade-in valuation before deciding not to use there services. First of all, I am a person who does not keep a car long, why? who knows, I have a passion(although my wife calls is a problem). Carmax has consistantly Lowballed me on my trade-ins beyond belief.

I owned a nicely equipped 2011 wrangler with 1200/miles. I only owed about 5k on it, b/c I dont like carrying debt. anyways, 4 other dealerships have me ballpark trade in of 22,000, carmax offered me 16,000. this is almost the same delta I recieved when they appraised my BMW 550i, other dealerships offered ballpark 28K, carmax offered 21K.

They feed off of the fact that people maybe selling their cars b/c of necessity and they take advantage of them.

CARMAX is nothing more than a bunch of CROOKS!!! they will NEVER get my business!!!


Experience at buying and selling over 30 vehicles. 6 Luxury, high $ vehicles from the local CarMax.

Up until around 2008 they were fine to deal with and from my perspective dependable honest trade-in values were given. I keep up on the value of my many currently owned vehicles and understand in detail. I started with CarMax for the last 3 purchases, but it has turned into a scam of short-valuing the trades, no matter how great the vehicle was and low mileage.

The game has changed and the person who started this discussion is correct once you get past the understandable emotion. The comments supporting CarMax look like "planted" responses from CarMax itself.


I have a near perfect trade and ready to drop 18 grand on their car but they let me walk out becuase they don't care about the overall deal and refuse to negotiate. It's beyond me how they make money when they let a good customer leave over a lowball offer. And yes, I was looking for wholesale book for my trade -- I'm very fair, they are very unreasonable.


I agree with the comments about price of them buying my car. The value they offered was less than half of what they would turn around and sell it for...and the appraiser gave me BS about very small paint marks or when someone opens their door and there is a stratch on the door. Total BS...this was the one in East Haven CT


Many thanks for posting this, It's just what I used to be researching for. I did a lot relatively hear opinions from an individual, slightly than a company internet page, that's why I like blogs so significantly. Many thanks!


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I do not understand why you people are so bitter toward Carmax? I have nothing but great experiences in ALL my dealings with Carmax, and I have had a few big ones.

One in particular, I bought a Nissan Quest drove it almost 3 months and when I needed to trade it in they paid me nearly what I bought it for. Sorry folks, but Carmax is Awesome !


Well I'am going to be the judge for myself and I agree with the comment below. And why the *** are you COMPLAINING about a free appraisal process and a free offer????

They don't HAVE to buy your car. If someone offered me X amount for my car and i said no because I thought it wasn't enough I would "ok" and move on. Instead you look to slander???

I'm sorry I didn't realize it was such a privilege to be able to buy your car CarMax should have been honored at the chance to be able to help you. LOL


The amount you owe on a car has no bearing on its trade-in value. When you deal with Carmax, you are paying for the convenience of selling quickly and hassle free.

Carmax is under no ethical obligation to offer a price you find fair.

And you are under no obligation to sell at an unfair price. This seems to be a textbook case of over supply meeting low demand.

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