Mebane, North Carolina
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Update by user Jan 24, 2013

for some reason the location is inncorect - it was Winston Salem, not Mebane.

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2012

We were very exited to purchase as car from CARMAX, after selecting a car we found our title had been misplaced- we recently moved into the area. A duplicate was ordered and we finally procured a babysitter and went in to buy a car.

We were SCAMMED and told our estimate of trade in went from 10,000 - 7,000 $- in less than 8 weeks. This is unacceptable and just criminal business practice. We are a small hard working family and three thousand dollars to us is a huge amount of money - more than we can afford to find else where or loan.

This is was a horrible set back for us, and bad business will spread around fast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Estimate.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Frankie S

Well I have to run now, and be at my anti-carmax meeting!

Frankie S

dragonfly1111, carmax even scams their own sales associates!!! Dont feel so bad!

carmax wont pay us the $50 commission we normally get on an appraisal purchase on a trade in! We only get the $50 if you sell us the car and walk out!! Total scam here.

They treat us very unfairly, just like you, the customer! It wont take long before folks find out what carmax is about.

Frankie S

It's time I bash carmax again on this post. A vehicle losing $3000 value in 8 weeks is total nonsense!

carmax goes by real auction data of what each vehicle is selling for in the auctions around the country. Thats what they tell you to set your EXPECTATIONS lower than what you would expect for your appraisal.There is no justification on your vehicle losing $3000 in that amount of time! The average auction price would never fluctuate that much. If you go to carmax after checking KBB or Ebay or any other source, you MOST likely will be disappointed with the appraisal.

Sometimes customers are ok with the appraisal because they are moving out of town and dont want to drive their vehicle back home, so they settle for the appraisal offer. I have had upset customers wanting more for their vehicle, but they were desperate to sell. The consultant makes $50 for this transaction. My point is DO NOT GO TO CARMAX WITH HIGH HOPES.

If your not satisfied with your appraisal offer, leave the store and shop around. I suggest NOT to give carmax your email address before your appraisal! If you are unhappy you probably wont be buying from carmax anytime soon, so they dont need your e-mail address. carmax is very serious with the consultants to "GET YOUR E-MAIL".

There are many customers who wont give thier e-mail, and I agree with that.

Who needs to be bothered about buying a vehicle? When the customer is ready, they will have a business card and the sale will happen.

Frankie S

Please stop making it sound like carmax does everything right! If carmax was honest, there wouldn't be any posts on here!

Frankie S

So just because carmax is losing money, customers should pay for carmax losses? This IS BAD BUSINESS!


8 weeks is a long time. When Hurricane Sandy hit it destroyed most of the used car inventory on the east coast.

The price of used cars soared and The prices odf used cars at the auction went up. Every car dealership felt the pinch. Carmax buys a lot of auction cars and their budget went through the roof. Before Sandy your car might have been worth a bunch but now its worth a whole lot less.

When trying to sell your car don't get it appraised if your buying within 20 days, because after that time your car loses value. It's not bad business it's just business.

I suggest reading a book on Supply and Demand before you accuse anyone of bad business, if you understood business you could make an educated opinion. or decision.

Frankie S
@Truth be told

Why do customers vehicles lose value after 20 days, and not carmax vehicles? Does carmax drop their prices every 20 days?

What language do you speak? Open your ears and listen!

Frankie S

Why the *** did you go to carmax to buy a car? Don't you read these posts?

Please inform anyone you know that may be in the market for a vehicle! carmax almost sucked in in their trap. Can you imagine the sales associate that thought he/she was selling you a vehicle? They thought they were going to make $160!

Then the appraisal comes out and ruins the deal! This happens ALL THE TIME AT carmax, and it will continue to do so!

Remember one thing dragonfly, it's not about you, it's about carmax and their numbers!! Dont ever think differently.

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