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the last week of Sept 2007 I purchased a 2004 lexus rx330 with 25667 miles on it from Car Max of Fay,NC.I was told by the salesperson that the vehicle has the remaining factory warranty up to 48,000,I also purchased an extended warranty for 1389.00 for 20,000 miles.I have only put 3400 miles on the vehicle,took it to lexus in Raleigh,NC for service and was told the factory warranty was out on the car when I bought it back in Aug. To make things worse the extended warranty has refused to pay for repairs (the tire rods are frozen due to this car came from up North).I am considering taking legal action against the dealership.Buyer beware!I do not beleive they even inspected this vehicle they just took it off the truck & sold it to me

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Mio, Michigan, United States #13578

I did business before I researched these guys. I was ***, I was in a hurry. We needed to get my cousin back to the states and I jumped at their prices.

These guys kept me going in circles while I was desparate for the tickets. I ordered tickets online and was given a reciept that said I would get an eticket within two hours. when 3 or 4 hours passed, I called and they were closed. It was only a 1/2 hour before they opened, so I waited. I got a hold of them and explained my concern. They told me they had just opened and that all tickets were processed by hand. I would have to wait a few hours while all tickets were processed. I waited and then got a Credit Card Auth form. I sent it back per instructions but stipulated that I needed both tickets that i requested. I called and checked on the status of my fax. they gave me more excuses. this had me concerned so I decided to do a web search on them. Ultimate Fares looks like the entire travel industry hates them. this had me concerned. I called UF back, stated my concerns, and stated that I needed to see some tickets in my email by morning or I would have to cancel through my Credit Card Company. By morning, no tickets.

Now these guys are saying that a ticket from Lufthansa was used. I went to Lufthansa and purchased a ticket in person and got a physical ticket, not an e-ticket. UF says that it was the same ticket. I don't see how this can be.

Now they want me to send the ticket, that I purchased directly from LH, to them so that they can process a refund. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing left to do, the CC company handled to cancellation, I bought new tickets directly, and now everyone is home using tickets that I purchased without the help of UF.

Question: Is there really any reason that they have to do another refund? We have our refund through the CC company. Why would they need the physical ticket from Lufthansa? They asked for the ticket # first and I gave that to them. Now they want the physical ticket but I won't send that because we need it for our records.

Comments appreciated

Arlee, Montana, United States #4690

thats funny carmax doesnt sell a 20,000 mike extended warranty

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