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I bought a 2004 nissan 350z from the albuquerque,nm store and i had the vehicle for less than 120 days ive already had 2 issues with the vehicle pertaining to the same issue. I was driving down the road at about 20 mph and heard a squeaking noise about an hour later I'm driving home and the wheel completely fell off the rim, grinding my vehicle for the next 20 feet.

I called carmax and spoke with the service manager and provided all documents that i could find that supported what happend and the service bulletin issued to all dealers. They have given me the run around and of course placing the blame on nissan and not standing behind the vehicle they have sold me! I absolutely wouldnt recommend buying from them as I'm the second person to be sold a defective vehicle from this same location.

The car has also been wrecked but not reported to carfax you can tell by the bondo and the differance in the paint texture. I'm currently pursuing legal action against them to get the damaged fixed please save yourself a headache dont buy from this company.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #833753

you do understand that they paint cars for cosmetic issues and body filler is used to smooth out the body as far as the wheel i wouldn't know what to tell you except that it was bad luck. and it drove fine for 2 months


How in the heck did an aluminum alloy wheel break like that without you hitting something? Those wheels are no joke and can take a hit like a champ.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #572762

I would also recommend not buying a vehicle from carmax. Buy new, keep it until its paid off and enjoy not having a car payment!


Please update your news about your legal action, consumers would like to know. I bet you will never go back to carmax!

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