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I was one of the best sales man.A new Gm came and hated me from the first day as I looked different and also would sell new cars as they cheat and charge very high price in used cars.

So they start building a case and fired me one day saying i was late couple of times without any warning.

Then they messed up my future by putting some bad remarks in my file.As not eligible for re hire" Now where ever I apply I when I mention I was fired I do not get the job.Very discriminating company

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If you feel so wronged; you should sue. This is America!!!


I have been treated like a king at carmax.They have repeatedly and quickly repaired my daughters car for problems that came from the builder of the car, not carmax.

I am headed back to the shop again for a builder problem. I am beginning to wonder how much they will spend before they question the wisdom of considering a trade.

I think they are a *** good car company.They have my buisness.


You were fired because you're an ***! Stop whining and do something about your "different" appearance you freak!

to MaxCar Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #805132

Would you happen to live in West Virginia in the woods MaxCar?


(per HR-CarMax comment on 1/27/2011)....Obviously HR, you are an employee of CarMax (thought I"m sure you are not a good representation of most CarMax employees).

Your comments are disgusting.

You need to take some time and mature a bit.Thank you.


(Per HR-CarMax comment 1-27-2011) ....HR, you are obviously a CarMax employee, and your comments are disgusting.

And you only add to the very reason we will not deal with CarMax.Hope you take some time and reflect on your comments, and mature a bit.


take a look at the laws they have to write you up n you sign them


I gather that you had knowledge that carmax was selling overpriced inferior used cars to unsuspecting consumers.You took a stance by advising customers to make better choices that were more cost efficient in the long term.

Good for you!

Do not sit in your doom and gloom. The best revenge is to succeed dispite what they tried to do to you. I am sure you learned something about the business.

Team up or venture out on your own and become Carmax's competition.Think big and make it happen.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #241185

You got fired because you were a sorry worker, was caught masterbating in the back storage room, and when you gave the gm a bj, did not swallow!!

to HR-CarMax Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #805133

And people like yourself is what carmax likes!

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