531 Route 38 W, Maple Shade, NJ 08052
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I knew something was not right with this place. My consultant seems like the devil himself all I get from him is lies.

First off nothing about the experience seems right and in my gut I know I need to just wait cause I know if I buy this car I’m going to regret it. The car I wanted is $13,598 dollars the bank approved me for 14 thousand and some change but the guy tells me my down payment is 400 and monthly payments is 420 for 72 months that’s over 30 thousand for a 13 thousand dollar car I hv never financed a car before but I be darn if I pay 30 thousand for a 13 thousand dollar used car I know that’s Interest but honestly I mines well get it new when I asked the man why do I hv a down payment he act like he did not understand what I meant then text me that I had to pay for the shipping of a car that he forgot he told me was free to transfer it’s just overall to much bill for me with this company I told him me and my husband planned on paying for the car in full in oct first he said yes u can do that with no problem than he said the bank would charge me extra if I do that than he switched bk and said no it will be no problem so I’m good I’m going to buy my car new from a Chevrolet CarMax is shady

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Estimate.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Carmax Cons: Rip offs.

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