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CarMax Memphis location service staffed with incompetents and management hard to contact. Fine print on "no hassle" return is that you return the car with no loaner and wait minimum of 5-6 days for check.

Initial inspection is a farce. Test drive limited to drive around the block-not enough to catch defects (squeak from engine on cold start and tires vibrate at interstate speed.) Stay away from CarMax. Fancy showroom and service bays are facades - focus is on profit not quality and customer satisfaction.

Will buy certified used car from new car dealer next, not from a sleazy used car chain store.

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Why would they give you a loaner if you return the car? Seriously??? If you were a dealership and someone returned your product would you give them a free car to drive around in for a few days while they shop at other dealerships?

And as for the test drive you could have told the sales consultant you want to drive farther than the normal route.

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