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I purchased a 2007 VW Jetta from CarMax in July 2016. It had 88K and seemed to be in good condition.

I specifically told the salesperson that I was looking for a car because the A/C went out in mine and the car was really old and I didn't want to dump money into it for a new one or to repair it. He said the Jetta was the one for cold air and so on. Two weeks later I noticed condensation collecting above the A/C area where the radio is. Soin the entire face if the radio display was blurred from moisture and the A/C stopped working conpletely.

CarMax refused to do anything as the car was sold as used/as is. Also, my credit is great but they gave me a horrible interest rate.

Will never do business with them again. Horrible business practices.

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Sorry this happened to you but Jetta's tend to have those problems and not to mention you purchased an 2007 with 88k miles, that's quite a lot. luxury car engines are known to last up to 300k miles or more but a jetta is questionable. Good Luck.

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