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I bought a volkswagen jetta from Carmax in April,2010. Within the 1st 30 days the car was overheating and had to be in the shop.

Since then it goes in for repair of the same problems pretty much every couple of weeks. In the 8 mths since I have had the car it has probably been in the shop a total of 6mths. The latest time this car left me stranded on the highway 20 mins before rush hour traffic with cars flying towards me and by me going 65+ an hour. It was devastating and scary to feel trapped and that someone was going to hit me while my car died in the middle of the road.

I don't dare drive this car anywhere for leisure.

I go to and from work and to the grocery store, I am scared to death to venture very far in this car because it may break down at any moment. I am reaching out to social media to get some help, since nobody here seems to care or wants to help me!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Hi there! I assure you that we do care and would really like to hear from you.

Please give us a call here at the corporate office. Our phone number is 800-519-1511, Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-8:00p.m.

EST. We would like to see what we can do to help out in your situation.

CarMax Customer Relations

to carmaxccr #740378

No you don't. We returned a car with obvious problems it never went into the shop and you resold it anyway.

It was on the web when we got home. You just stuck someone else with it. You don't inspect your cars at all and say you do not only that you don't wait 5 days to ensure the sale is final. At any time I can walk onto any carmax lot and find at least a couple cars that need brakes by just sticking my fingers through the wheels.

Shows how thorough your inspections are. Lat time we went you had a 2012 carolla that wouldn't even start but you passed it.

You submit the paperwork immediately and if the car is returned drag your feet on returning the banks money. 6 months after I returned one it still showed we owned it and took a lot of red tape to fix.

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