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Jan. 8, 2010

Mike was in contact with Eric Washington from Car-Max Ellicott City. Mr. Washington was trying to help Mike with the purchase of a Honda S-2000. As of Friday Jan. 8, 2010 from what Mike was being told, Kristy from Mariner Finance was un-willing to help Mike with the release of a clear title of 2004 Jeep Wrangler saying that 1300 dollars was needed to be paid off before said title would be released to Car-Max. As per a conversation between Kristy and Mike, Kristy said to Mike that they were unable to do anything because the income to debt ratio was to high, but then Mike was also called a liar by Kristy, because the dealership(Car-Max) was under the impression that title was clear. Mike was in possession of the Honda S-2000 since Jan. 2, 2010. The inability from Kristy at Mariner to resolve the 1300 dollars for clear title forced Mike to return the vehicle per Kristy. Mike then spoke again to Mr. Washington and in this conversation Mr. Washington informed Mike that Citi-Financial would loan max 22,000.00. Mr. Washington said to give him a call Sat. am that he would be in a 9am.

Jan. 9, 2010

Mike called for Mr. Washington a little after 9am, and again at around 10 and at that time Mike left a message with the receptionist to have Mr. Washington call back. Tracy spoke with Mr. Washington on Saturday morning around 10am. Per conversation with Mr. Washington, Mike HAD to bring the Honda back to the dealer-ship, that he was now over the 5-day.????? I was under the impression from Mr. Washington that he was trying to help Mike stay in this Honda. I explained to him that we had to wait till Mon. Jan. 11, 2010 to talk with the branch manager at Mariner to see if we could get this resolved with the title. I asked Mr. Washington more than once while on the phone with him if we could wait till Monday to see if we could get this squared away with Mariner, Mr. Washington was adamant about the Honda had to be brought back to the dealer-ship today. In the mean time Mike has been on-line looking at other cars cause he was under the impression from Mr. Washington that if he could stay around the 22000 price range that the deal would be done. So Mike found a Saab that was in Fredericksburg, VA Car-Max, Mr. Washington was having that Saab transferred to Ellicott City, once again in speaking with Mr. Washington he said that the Saab wouldn't be to the dealership till probly Mon. may even Tues, I again asked Mr. Washington if we could wait, instead of driving an hour and a half to the dealership if we could wait till the Saab got there to try to do this transaction, and once again he told me that we HAD to have the HONDA back today. Needless to say by this time I'm frustrated with this whole deal and I told Mr. Washington that the car would be there back.

We get to the dealer-ship probly around 3ish, Mr. Washington sat with Mike and I and we tried to run several different cars( 2 different Mustangs,?????) Mr. Washington would run the information, then when if would come back he would get up, go to the Customer Service desk, call and talk with somebody and then come back with another excuse. We did this till approximately a 6:30pm. At this time it was left at Mr. Washington was going to contact ??? On Monday, and that Mike or myself was to call him Monday around 10am. I then again said about talking to the branch manager at Mariner Mon, and Mr. Washington said "Why don't you call me after you have spoken with Mariner, so then we know where we are at that time." Mike gave Mr. Washington the tags back for the Jeep and asked if he could have the tags put back on. Mr. Washington acted as if that was a big deal for him. He must have wanted to get out of there, he was to have gotten off work at 6:30pm per my conversation with him earlier in the day. Mike asked Mr. Washington for a number for Citi so that Mike could possibly call and talk to somebody there to try to resolve the issue, or to figure out what kind of vehicle or price range that he needed to look at or stay in for the loan to go thru. Mr. Washington was un-willing to give Mike any number. Mr. Washington took us back to the work bays where the jeep was, they had run in thru the carwash, put gas in and spayed the tires with something. After pulling out of the bays, Mike had no lights on the dash. So he was trying to find the switch for the dash lights thinking when the did their inspection of the vehicle that maybe they, did something. But still no light. While sitting there Mr. Washington come out got in his vehicle and left. Never even walked over to the vehicle to make sure everything was okay with us. Mike thought maybe it was just a blown fuse, and that we would check it in the morning when we could see. In driving on the highway, Mike went to put his right turn signal on and it wasn't flashing normal, we got off the exit at Woodbine, and as we went to pull over to check what was going on a police officer pulled in behind us, at this time we noticed that the passenger tail light cover had been damaged. The red tail light cover was gone, and where it should have been was bent out ward. The police officer looked at it and suggest that it might have happened in the car wash, cause the rest of the vehicle was clean except where the tail should have been. We explained to the officer that the vehicle had been at Car-Max for the last week and he advised us to go back to Car-Max. He stated that we should be okay that he usually worked that area. We headed back to Car-Max, while on Interstate 70, a state police officer pulled Mike over. Once again we explained the story, except at this time the officer informed us that we had no lights what so ever in the back of the jeep, he wrote Mike a Maryland Safety Equipment Repair Order(7905069) and advised us to take it back to Car-Max.

We arrived back at Car-Max, of coarse like I mentioned early Mr. Washington was gone for the day, so I asked for a manager and Julio Maldonado is who came out. We explained the situation to Julio. Julio walked out to look at the vehicle with Mike, Julio acted as is it was no big deal and said "Oh the light bulb is still there" He walked over to a waiting area asked us to have a seat, while he walked back to the carwash. He came back out a couple minutes later holding the red tail light in hand. He told us that they would fix it but there was no mechanic on till Monday. We told him that we had to somehow get back home. He said that they didn't have anything there but he would call about a rental place. He come back and said the Enterprise was the only place still open and that it was at BWI, I said to him "Are you paying for it cause we're not!" He put Mike and I in this cubicle and dialed a number, put the phone on speaker, and pushed to phone towards me. Then explained that they didn't have to means, to get a rental car, that we would have to pay it and they would reimburse us the money. I tried to explain to him that Mike nor I has a credit card, so how were we going to pay for a rental car. I knew that you needed a credit card, but he disregarded that, so we were going to try to put it on our bank card. I asked Julio to put in writing that they would pay for the rental. He come back with a Repair Request & Vehicle Release Paper where he wrote "Reimburse rental cost to customer (Customer must provide receipt of rental) He put us in a vehicle with a guy who didn't even know how to get to BWI, while trying to drive he was doing directions into a Tom-Tom. We reached BWI, this Car-Max guy doesn't know where to take us, so we get out at the pick up lanes. At this time we see a shuttle bus that says car rentals. We go another 8 minutes from BWI on a shuttle bus, to the car rental place. We go to Enterprise, and like I explained to Julio, the Enterprise guy said that don't do bank cards it needed to be a credit card. The guy from Enterprise got the number for Car-Max but it was then just a little after 9pm and they were closed. So here we are at BWI with no vehicle, and now Car-Max is closed… The Enterprise guy took us over to ????. The guy at the counter said that they would accept Debit Card, they put 250 on the card as a hold and we were fine with that, but they also run a credit check, so there a credit check was done on Mike which hurts your credit score. It came back denied. The gentlemen gave a an Important Notice from Equifax. By this time I'm in tears, we are stranded at BWI airport. No vehicle to get home, nor are we sure at this time how we are getting home. Mike went to every rental place there in the building. We couldn't get a rental car. A cab pulled up out front do drop a gentleman off, so Mike said we'd have to take a cab. Which is what we ended up doing. Bay Taxi operated by a gentleman named Donald King. We get into this taxi van, that is dented on the drivers back quarter panel, it stinks, and is not clean inside at all. We get to a stop light and he applies the brakes and it makes this horrible grinding noise. I'm thinking "Oh my god, are we even going to make it home?" So we get home at 11:45pm, pay this Mr. King 300.00 for the cab ride.

Jan. 10, 2010

Mike called Car-Max at approximately 12:30pm and asked to speak with a branch manager. Instead he get once again a sales manager (Jerome) Mike tries to explain the situation with him, needless to say by this time after speaking to several different people thru out this whole deal, Mike is frustrated. The bottom line is like Mike explained, "Yes we choose to deal with Ellicott City Car-Max, we didn't take the Honda back with damage, and if we would have Car-Max would make us pay for it. The jeep was damaged while in their possession, and with no help from Car-Max does anybody want to make this right. The bottom line is. We need another vehicle, Mike and I work different shifts, neither one of us can loose work for something that isn't our fault. We want Car-max to get us a rental car, but yet all we keep being told is we'll reimburse you for it.. That's all we're willing to do. So Mike told Jerome to have Mr. Washington call him and left the phone number with Jerome. At 2:30 still no call back from anybody at Car-Max, so I called. I asked to speak to somebody other than a Sales Manager. Once again I get Jerome, as you can imagine at this time it's anger. We are getting nowhere with anybody at Car-Max. I told Jerome it was un-professional what has been done to Mike and I. I explained that we need to vehicles that they needed to get us a rental car. Jerome said that he just got off the phone with the GM and they will pay for the cab ride. That's all they are willing to do. I asked Jerome for the name of the GM and he said it was Mr. Washington. So I told Jerome that I need a call back from Mr. Washington…At 3:30 I again called Car-Max and asked for Jerome. The gentleman that answered the phone said that Jerome was at lunch. I asked what time he would be expected back and he said around 4:30pm. It is now 5pm and still no return phone calls from anybody at Ellicott City Car-Max. I called Jerome at 5:20pm, I asked him if he's got back in touch with Mr. Washington and he stated to me that it was Mr. Washington's first day off in a while all he was getting is Mr. Washington voicemail and that he left a message. I again asked what the big deal was that they couldn't call a rental car here in our area and get us a car that"˜s all we were asking them to do? He stated he couldn't do that. I again explained to him and apologize that he's come in on this third party, but both Mike and I have to go to work in the am, one of us without a vehicle cause ours was on his lot with damage. The best thing he could tell me is that Mr. Washington would be in Monday , I asked what time Mr. Washington would be in and he replied probly around 9am. Which isn't going to do neither one of us any good cause we can't afford to loose work.

I wasn't getting any satisfaction out of Ellicott City so I found a number to a Car-Max in VA, the gentlemen on the phone direct me to the corporate office (804) 747-0422.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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I agree CarMax could have done a better job fixing or at least addressing the issue, but you have to take ownership of your credit situation, this society runs on credit worthiness. Also I think your comments about someone’s inability to drive and smell has a bias undertone, so please refrain from such description, this does add any value to your pettiness/experience.


I can testify to the fact that Carmax is not as thorough as it should be. I recently purchased not one but 2 vehicles from Carmax.

I went there as a result of being told that I had been approved for a loan and that they were going to order my vehicle for me to pick up on tuesday. once i got there a family member who was my co-signer expressed to the sales person if i can get in this vehicle and it will not affect her then i want to purchase a vehicle also. needless to say his application went through and so we left with two vehicles. 2weeks later i receive a call from the fianance company who informs me we have to turn a vehicle in.

I then contact my sales person and ask what is going on. to this day 61 days later i have been the one to do all of the follow up. two days ago i receive a letter asking that i turn in the vehicle.

the ironic part is that day i received the title for the vehicle and an emmission notice.i frantically called to speak to someone and now they say they are going to work it out. we shall see.

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