Evans, Georgia

I bought a used car (2006 Jeep, 63000 miles) from car max. Less than 3 months and 3000 miles I have had to have major repairs.

Looks like cosmetic repairs done to sell the car. Spent over 4500 already and it is still not right. Rear wheel bearings need to be replaced and it looks like the universal joints are going bad. Leaking seals on the axels and noise from the rear differential that sounds like a wind uo toy whenthe car is moving.

Replaced the gear oil and the lifts on the tail gate. What else is going to go wrong? What a piece of junk.

Never do CarMax again. “Buyer beware”.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Frankie S

Carmax uses "frame damage" to scare the *** out of folks with baby seats in the vehicle. These tactics are downright wrong. Parasites is what some used car salesman are.


and I decided to purchase a vehicle from your Laurel, Maryland store on May 1, 2014- I have had the opportunity to drive this vehicle a total of 3 times.. It has been in the BMW repair shop and CarMax..

When asked to extend the warranty on this vehicle your Customer Relations Department declined the offer... We have made our first monthly car payment and the car is currently in the shop with a new engine problem... I find it disheartening that CarMax has failed to accommodate it’s customers.. We are wondering who is willing to take accountability for the issues that we have continued to endure with this 2011 BMW- 535I...

CarMax and it’s Customer Relations Agent in Richmond, Virginia came across rude and identifying his company as being accommodating and non-apologetic...

We will take this ongoing issue to the Media and all persons who’s willing to listen – including Capitol One who chose to Finance this vehicle.. It saddens me that CarMax has identified their business as one of Quality—we have failed to see this dealing with your Richmond, Virginia office

If a car is on your website to sell, it should’ve been thoroughly inspected before sold and commission collected.. I expect CarMax to do something about my family and I being inconvenienced because of the lack of care from your Organization..

My conversation with your employee from the Richmond, Va office should learn the meaning of, ‘The customer is always RIGHT’… and ‘CUSTOMER Service’.. It has been a horrific experience and purchasing a vehicle should be a joyous moment, but this has been everything except joyful and CarMax should be ashamed!!


Purchased a 2011 535i from Carmax in Laurel, MD and drove the car 1 time... It has been in the shop twice and we've made our first car payment and no car! This has been a roller coaster and I do not care, how many, 'We apologize for the inconvenience' we hear, it is UNACCEPTABLE!

Frankie S

Just for any new people that read these posts, I think it's imperative that you read posts from other users besides me. There are many posts by ex techs or even current techs that can tell you straight up how carmax runs the show. I recommend reading the posts and decide for yourselves.

Frankie S

Just a reminder to anyone who purchased Maxcare, (extended service plan) it can be cancelled at any time for a pro-rated refund (a low cancellation fee may apply) The customers cancellation terms may vary by state, you should check the maxcare contract for your state. If maxcare was financed with the vehicle and the loan has not been paid off, the refund will be applied to reduce the loan balance. The monthly payment will remain the same.

Frankie S

Your not alone anonymous, carmax sells many lemons to customers, and that is a fact.


I've been fixing automobiles for 10 years. Many with carmax.

One thing I've found working on different makes is the vehicle is only as good as the previous owner. Jeeps (when properly cared for) are rugged,dependable & outright fun to drive. Most of what I've seen working for carmax is they get used fleet units & worn out pieces of ***. They dont "renew" as their commercials claim but simply cover up everything wrong so youre stuck with it after 30 days.

Then they sell it to you at top dollar. This is a horrible way to do business. Dont blame the Jeep.

Blame carmax. Make sure spread the word about these crooks as much as possible.

Frankie S

I would say a good way to spread the word would be to email this site to all the customers that have done business with carmax. The sales associate can even write this website on their business card when giving it to a customer.

Hopefully then the potential buyer will read these complaints to make a better decision.

I dont think carmax would have a problem with this idea, especially since they have nothing to hide. If carmax is selling QUALITY USED VEHICLES, then there should be nothing wrong with any of their vehicles, right?


Used car dealers don’t make their car or know when a used car will brake. Your mistake was not buying from Carmax its was buying a Jeep.

I have had so much problems with this piece of *** liberty. Just sell it man its not worth keep spending on it.

Frankie S

I would agree that Jeeps are a not a good choice, much better off with a Toyota or Honda. When I was in training, my manager and I would role play a scenario.

I would be the customer, and he would be the sales associate, and no matter what vehicle I said I was interested in, he would say "Oh, that's a great choice" and I felt like saying no its not! You see, the managers dont care about what kind of vehicle gets sold, as long as you sell something.

Secondly, a dealer knows what needs to be replaced on a vehicle, but carmax will not repair all problems because they know what will be ok for the 30 days and the customer will end up paying. Pretty shady!


Notice seriously & Carmax consumer posted from the same place. That is because he is from CarMax corporate.

CarMax is awful! Unproffesional!

You guys are about as personable as Taco friggin Bell! Your glorified buyher/pay here company is going to decline & eventually fall.

Frankie S

Yes, this dude is a scummy character without a doubt! I can't expect intelligent answers from these parasites, but I know I burn them up. If I were wrong, they would never reply back!


Haha, I bet you turned down the extended warranty that would have covered those repairs? Am I right???

You ***. Don't blame others for your stupidity.

Frankie S
@Carmax ***sumer

Wow, thats the attitude! Good way to defend carmax, blame it all on the consumer!

You guys are going down, no doubt in my mind. Is this what you tell consumers who come back in the store with a complaint?

Of course you dont, you only say thise things on this site. :roll

Frankie S
@Carmax ***sumer

These vehicles are full of problems silly, thats why carmax offers their extended service plan! carmax expects the consumer to come back and pay the deductables. After all, why should carmax pay for all the repair bills!

Frankie S
@Carmax ***sumer

Buying the extended warranty does not guarantee carmax will cover all repairs smart *** There are other complaints on here that say so mr carmax consumer! Open your eyes are read if you can!

Frankie S

I cannot depend on carmax vehicles anymore, I am just wasting my time doing all the work before a test drive, and then the customer being turned off by noises or vibrations, or both! Mind you, I am working for free, unless I sell that vehicle.

Now that sounds like a win-win situation for carmax, not me. Sales consultants are fools and carmax takes COMPLETE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!

carmax does not want to sink like Circut City did, so they find a way to not pay sales consultants unless they sell something. Thats why many managers become managers, because sales consultants are taken advantage of.

@Frankie S

Ringleader... I found your head!!

It is in your *** You don't get paid "anything". Really.

Carmax does not fall under federal laws of minimum wage? I suppose your knowledge is also deeply exaggerated.

Frankie S

A fortune top 100 "companies to work for" paying minimum wage! What an awesome company!

I dont need to explain to you how shady carmax is, just read the posts that are on here. You sound very angry with your reply. Are you just angry at me?

Are you angry with any other complaints on here? It amazes me how all you carmax folks need to use vulgar language.

Frankie S

Was my head between your wifes legs? Listen you silly little freak, if you work a week at carmax and sell 2 cars, you make $320.00 and divide that by 40 thats $8/hr!

I would call that barely nothing! Did you read the other complaint where carmax bought a truck for 17k and sold it for $25,900k? The truck was immaculate so dont say carmax put a lot of money into it!

Then carmax has the b@lls to pay $160.00 commission! So go watch your smartclips, because your replies are not justifying carmax.

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