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My Son went to purchase his first vehicle on his own in Colorado. Being young and new to all this i feel he was taken advantage of.

His payment on the truck was over 600 a month. Seriously! He even tried to get the payment lower after the fact and they would not work with him. Needless to say he missed a payment woke up one morning to find his vehicle gone.

Repo!!! He had put new step rails on as he got as a Christmas gift. When he called and wanted to get his stuff out of the vehicle he was told it was on a transport truck already out of state. No warning.

No contact sold it at auction without his acknowledgment. Got a call saying it went to action and you still owe 8000. Taking advantage and running young people through the ringer is exactly why young people can not exceed in this country. Now his credit is null he has no vehicle and in huge debt.

Come on people where is your compassion weren’t you young once?

Would you recommend a 650 monthly payment to your child. You set him up to fail!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Manager.

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Your son willingly signed on for $600/month and yet you blame CarMax? The only people who set your son up to fail were his parents.

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