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Purchase a Honda civic with a CarMax extended warranty. After 2 years my AC went out.

I took it to my personal mechanic and he saw a small hole on the AC condenser. Which he said that it was likely cause by a small rock in the freeway so I agree. But I remembered I had purchased the CarMax extended warranty (Carcare). So I called the service dept and spoke with lady I fully explain to the services writer about my Honda having a small hole on the condenser due to possibility hitting a rock.

I told the her the service writer that's what my personal mechanic saw and what he showed me. She said well it will be covered under the CarMax extended warranty.. I set an appointment the next morning. Signed paper work, but she also told me there would be a $95 diagnostic charge if the Carcare decline my claim....

Hmmmm I wouldn't see why they would decline its covered.. Boy I was wrong.. After keeping my car for 7 hrs service writer tells me they decline my claim. Instead of explaining me he why she wanted me to call the claims dept to CarCare and ask them why...

I was like what the ***???? So I called them and they said that the AC condeser was not mechanical defectived,but a small hole from a rock.. I was like well that's not covered? He said no..

So to make long story short if the service writer would have told me on the phone before I made the appointment. That what I told her about my problem wasn't covered.

I wouldnt been car less for 7 hrs and have to pay the $95 fee.. if that wasn't a bait and switch I don't know what is....

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Phyical Damage is Not a worn out / defective part and is seldom covered by any Warr. Dealer or After Market.

So if a gravel truck slung rocks and broke your head light lamp out, Would you gather the pieces up and present them to the dealer and expect a new Head light Lamp Free? If you had a 1 month old NEW Car and some flying object went through the Radiator, You insurance might Pay, But the Dealer will not Warr.

The repair for Free. Sorry but CarMax / Extended Warr folks can reject this claim.


Thank You: well I spoke to the Manager and told him what had happen.. let's just say I didn't have to pay $95...

And with that kind of attitude that "Where there to make money not friends" your obviously not in the right job or career.. hopefully its only a temporary job, cause you have no future at customer services...


Carmax traines us to tell you everything is covered over the phone. Think about it you bring it to CarMax they hit you wioth a diag fee and many times get your business.

Many customers will just pay them, it's easier than going to get the car and taking it back to the first mech.

Don't blame the service consultant she was just doing what she get's paid for, if she didn't she would have been coached by her Service Manager. It's a business and we are here to make money not friends.


We received your complaint at our Home Office. Please give us a call at 800-519-1511. We would like to discuss this further.


CarMax Customer Relations


Usmcdeath you clearly didn't read my post or USMC clearly brain wash your brain not to think but take orders... So lets pretend I'm your Sergeant, and DON'T SPEAK TILL YOUR SPOKEN TOO..Lmao.. you obviously don't know what a AC condenser is...


Look...no way a rock is going to hit your condenser unless you are riding around a gravel road WITHOUT A HOOD. Get a clue here..this is a perfect example why business rip you people off...your not thinking or your just too *** to learn things about life, do some critical thinking etc. I suppose no one tried to RECHARGE the system either, to be sure that was the problem.

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