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I went to the CarMax in Roswell and saw a vehicle that I thought might work for me. I then went home and did my research on it. Next, I contacted the store to see if they could bring it to a closer store. They said I had to get the closer store to request it. I went to my local store in Norcross (which is a much bigger store) and they requested the transfer of the vehicle.

When it arrived I was notified and I went to do a test drive. First, my salesman passed me off to another salesperson (I didn't think that was too bad). Second, this salesman took us on a ride around the block (not much of a test drive). Third he asked what we thought of it and I told him that I wasn't sure of the color (he got huffy and said "Why did you request the transfer then!").

Fourth, I asked about the price and told him that I had done the research on the vehicle and found that it was overpriced by $5-7k. One would have thought I spoke badly of his mother. He immediately held out his hand to shake mine and said goodbye. No discussion. Nothing about the price. Nothing as to offer to discuss this or any other vehicle. Just goodbye and pointed us towards the exit. As a customer in this economy, I felt that we were treated very badly by this salesman's "Customer No Service". I guess when they say they have a "No Haggle Price" they really mean it.

I guess they don't like people who actually take time to research vehicles and their prices before they come to the dealership. Obviously they only want people they can intimidate or just don't have a clue about buying a car. Well, as for me and my house, we will shop elsewhere and so will anyone I can talk to.

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carmax is so *** they have nothing to say to the customers who do their research, because they know all that will come out of their mouths is a crock of ***! good job doing your research and you guys, maybe the color looked different of the internet, you never know so dont be so quick to be rude [carmax employees].

let them go bankrupt for transferring cars, they rip poeple off everyday.


The key words in this review are "in this economy." There are way too many shoppers out there who think they can get something for nothing because of the recession. I'm glad the salesman dismissed this demanding customer.


I agree this salesman had some attitude problem, but rightfully so. Why did you request a transfer of a car which color you didn't really love and believe to be overpriced?(knowning they have no haggle policy). It costs the business money to move cars and carmax would go bankrupt if people request transfers like you did.

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