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I would like to inform you all of the horrible customer service I received from the business manager at the Tallahassee location. I spoke with the office there to cancel my warranty.

He was ok, but seemed unsure of the knowledge he was giving me, as if he were very new to the job. I then asked to speak to his manager so that I can just be sure that the information was indeed correct. The manager then get on the phone and immediately was irritated as if i interrupted his day. I asked him to verify the information that i had been given from the previous person and he gave me some very different info.

He was very passive aggressive, condescending, rude and abrasive. He informed me that I will need to drive down to the office (after I told him several times that I live in GA not FL and it's a 4hr drive) and fill out the paperwork. I said thats was not be possible for me to do and he then said "well that's the only way we do it and there nothing I can do for you, soooo." I insisted that there must be a way around that since I live in another state. He Then became even more obnoxiously rude while stating "well that is the only way, we cant help" (several times, each time more rude than the last).

I then simply asked him for his name, he said "Cliff". I asked for his last name, he said "I dont have to give you my last name" (with a nasty tone to say the very least). The I said well, ok, may I have you last initial, he said "no, I dont have to give you anything". Then I said well with you being the business office manager you should be able to provide me with your office contact number.

At that point he said "LOOK, Im not giving you any of my information, thats too personal, you no getting anything outta me!". I was beyond hurt and horribly offended by this. I felt he was the most unprofessional person I had encounter in my life and I have not even met him in person. I simply informed him that he would hear about this later and he hung up on me.

He even then sent an e-mail to me with a picture of a written note (so that I could not get his information in the signature of the email) I will attach a picture of that in this email or a separate one. This was a very petty and childish move on his part and he is failing this team and Carmax as a whole with his actions. There in no telling the numbers of people he treats so poorly. I truly feel sorry for any one who has to work with this person and a customer, employee or co-worker.

There needs to be corrective action immediately. I had such a great experience with Carmax until this very moment. I have friends and family in the Tallahassee area who are looking to purchase and I definitely would not recommend them or even a stranger too that place. I will also be leaving a complaint on the BBB, Google and everywhere else I can to warn people about that "Cliff" person and to be ware of dealing with him.

I am so sad to even have to take time out of my work day and type this long e-mail. But this is how upset I cam and I will go out of my way to make sure this does not happen to any other customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: price recudtion or termination of employment of Business manager .

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