I grand open East Haven CarMax , working for this company was good the first year. LGM Bill Bocchio at the time OMG he allowed certain sales managers and Service Managers treat employees any kind of bad way they wanted to. LGM, was sleeping with a sales consultant...
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They back you into a corner on financing and say you have 3 days to get your financing through another bank. However, no bank will finance a car that is severely over the price of what it is worth. The car I bought was priced at 9k on Kelly Blue Book, and CarMax had it...
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I bought a car from CarMax several years ago. Was happy with the car, however, I was pissed when CarMax tried, unsuccessfully, to include a service plan, on my contract despite the fact that I NEVER agreed to nor was I offered one. I insisted it be removed and you...
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Carmax - I was rilped off

Ww were given a wothless bank draft that cannot used when i sold my car. The check (or what appeared to be) was not real. They are liers and theves. I am without food or shelter and they were aware of this. Now, no car and no money.
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Their Words Mean Nothing To Them!! They Are In It For Themselves. The Experience With Corporate Was Second Rate. The Experience At The Jacksonville, FL. Blanding Blvd Location Was At Best "Based On Highly Selective-ism Business Practices Based On Skin Color"!!! From...
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I purchased a 2009 chevy malibu with only 48000 miles on it from Carmax a year ago. I have had to take it to the shop 2 times now in the last 3 months. This time it is still there (nkw going on almaot 2 weeks) for new heads to be put on. A car that only has 60000 miles...
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MAY OF 2016....Carmax sold my husband a car with three recalls. The closer talked fast and low so we couldn't hear what she was saying. We could never have bought a car with one recall much less one with 3 RECALLS. Still trying to get manufactorer to fix it! They are...
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I hate to tell you this, but this is extremely common ... and not considered bad practice. Most dealerships do this, and there's nothing illegal about the practice.I, myself, ...

We bought a 2010 Dodge Ram from carmax was told by the salesman that it had a $800 driver fender ding and that was all after we went back out and looked over it again we thought it must've been a very minor ding at the price of $800. Well that was absolutely NOT the...
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Carmax - Horrible

2016 and 2017 lied to and waste of my time.
Why have salesmen at they are worthless at CarMax in Greenville S.C. THEY ARE LITTLE ROBOTS I ordered a car rushed to get there and get it. car had scratches all over the car they wanted premium price for there car 2000 above far market 44000 miles my car better shape...
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