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I bought a 2011 Mustang gt from carmax for not even two months down the road my clutch started acting up.Then I took it to car max and they ran a diagnosis on the car and they didn't charge me for the diagnosis.

They told me they will take my car to a Ford dealership and will pay for the transmission drop. But if the clutch is damage then I will have to pay out of pocket which the dealership will charge me over two thousand dollars. But I took it to my mechanic and he knows about fords and he'll charge less than what carmax is telling me.

I thought the service department was helping me out until he called me with an attitude and told me to bring my car to them.The only reason why they called cause a Co worker was looking to buy a Mercedes Benz from them but when she asked them will she have problems with her car two months down the road they couldn't answer her

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I have the same problem, Purchase my vehicle on April of this year.This month ( October 2014) makes my sixth month with the vehicle.

I had noticed 2 weeks in from the date of purchase the car 6 Speed (Manual) going into 2nd gear was getting stuck. Took it in to CarMax shop and they blew it off. Just last week I called to schedule an appointment at there facility and the response was (Booked) you may take it to the nearest dealer and let them know you have MaxCare *Warrantee. Deductible of $ 300 and they will take care of everything.....

Yeah "right" NOPE that was not what happened.

I was stuck between 2 dealer ships not wanting to pay for what is wrong.... Warrantee is not good for anything.... in reality! Was out without my car for three days.

Warrantee only wants to cover one part of the problem while the rest was to be paid our OUT OF MY POCKET totaling well over $2K....& that would of not covered all of the repairs....

Why mislead the buyer with this warranty provided by CARMAX..... Really upset!..... It's not the correct thing to do....

They are quick to collect your money monthly....

Really wanted to have the peace of mind I was paying for something that would cover major repairs on the vehicle..:(


Get on carmax' Facebook page and tell your story.Someone from the home office will contact you in a matter of minutes.

If you complain to the home office, and do it often enough. They will work with you.

Clutches are tough to diagnose during recon process. If it was fine when you got it, then it was working when they inspected it. Unless its slipping or chattering there's no way to determine the condition without removing the transmission and visually inspecting the disc.

With that being said, you can make the argument with the i formation above and see what they'll do.I was once instructed by the home office to warranty a clutch in a customers vehicle who had owned the car for over a year.

Hope this helps

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