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I purchased a 4WD vehicle from CarMax in Colorado. Within the 5 day return period, I took the vehicle to be checked out at a local mechanic.

The first thing found during the inspection was the front and back tires were not the same size and should be the same size. I made an appointment for that repair along with a few others; conveniently the appointment could only be after the 5 day return period. I was also told by the service department that only AWD vehicles need to have the same size tires. I took the vehicle to the local Nissan dealership to ask about the tire size and was told the same thing the first mechanic said; all four tires need to be the same size.

If all four tires are different, it can cause problems with the drivetrain, ABS system, axles. There is also a warning in the owner's manual about keeping all four tires the same size, which CarMax said is just a suggestion. I basically just bought a 4WD vehicle that I cannot utilize the 4WD feature unless I dump more money into it. Thank you CarMax for not holding up to your end of the deal and saying several mechanics and dealerships are wrong when they say all four tires need to be the same size.

I bought an over-priced useless 4WD and the only thing CarMax will do is give me a quote for four new tires. I don't need four tires, I need two that are the same size as the other two. I don't care if they are used or new, but it is up to CarMax to make this right. The customer service was also very poor, including being lied to about CarMax contacting the local Nissan dealership.

They gave me the name of a person they talked to about the tire issue and surprise, when I called, that person does not exist. I will never purchase another vehicle from CarMax or recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

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Frankie S

You see what I mean when I post about carmax! How can so many people be wrong about this horrible company

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