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Today CARMAX bought back my LEXUS obtained a bit over month ago. In the experience I have learned hw things work. The buyers go to auctions and pay top price for damaged cars that have no previous history. Of course they are happy to show you different history reports...
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My wife and I made multiple visits to carmax over a two week period. We asked multiple times what documents we needed to purchase a car. We had approved financing AND cash in hand to put down. On our 3rd visit to the store, we find out that they do not accept an expired license with the temporary DMV paper that says the valid license is on its way.

At any rate, despite being told the general manager would contact us, nearly a dozen phone calls, and 3 more trips to the store in Raleigh, NC we have still never been contacted by the general manager.

Our credit rating was also affected despite what was told to us by Carmax employees.

You would think that asking "what do we need to bring to buy a car today" would be a straight forward question, but in fact, it is not.

We were offered the same car, we had wanted to buy 2 weeks earlier, as a solution to the hours of time over 5 visits and a dozen phone calls that were spent in dealing with Carmax.

My wife was also told that she was here on an expired visa when we attempted to use her passport to purchase a car. This is also incorrect. I don't know why I had a sales manager at Carmax telling my wife that she is essentially here illegally when 1) she is not and 2) we're there to buy a car, cash in hand with approved financing.

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Carmax Repair
Since more people complain than praise, this review is tell our story and our positive results with Carmax. We bought a minivan there 3 years ago. After taking posession, we noticed an oil leak. We brought it back to Carmax to check. They called back and told us it...
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