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Dont buy a vehicle from carmax!!!!! They tell you they do a 100 and some point inspection on their vehicles, but in reality they dont do s...

I bought a truck there and with in six days it broke down in the middle of the freeway. So i couldn't return it because it was over the five days return policy, so they tow the truck to their "shop" which is not real shop, it took them 4 days to figure out the problem, on top of that problem it had about 7 more details that they were going to fix! They had the truck for 5 days not including the weekend and only got it to run again and that's because I had to call and complain about their service, and they did not took care of the other details!!! Oooohhhh yeah and almost forgot, somebody from their services dep.

Put a nice dent and scratch on the driver door!!! Imagine how pissed I was!! So i made another appoint. so they can repair the dent and scratch their worthless services crew did.

Now I take it on tuesday to only take care of four little repairs such as the scratch, the console lose, check brakes and sunroof cover adjust!!! Its friday and I just got a call from the " service crew" and they tell me that still not ready, after four days, and only four little details they need to do!!! So what im saying is that Don'T buy from carmax because they do not do professional inspections on their vehicles (they just want to sell, its all about numbers) and their service dept.

Is totally worthless and unprofessional, they hire college kids and not certified techs. There is nothing i can do know but to wait for my truck, and i hope nothing else is wrong with it because my 30 warranty is about to expire!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

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Most dealerships despise CarMax because it hurts their business model. I presume the negative comments here are posted by these dealers or their minions.

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Do your research.


Oh my gosh.... I am going through the same thing.

They have had my truck for a month waiting on a part that they do not even know when the part is expected to arrive because it is on back order.

They gave me a loaner but it is nothing in comparison to my truck. ugh!


REAL DEALER??? some people


Some folks need to think BEFORE they buy.... A Dodge Caliber with 100K miles with a mindset that you bought a "new" car is the problem!

CarMax hires ASE techs only.

After 3 vehicles and 3 years as a service advisor... CarMax is better than anyone you can pick on the street!


If Bob really is a service advisor at Carmax, you don't want to believe him. They are some of the worst liers you will ever find.

I know. I sadly have worked for Carmax for over 10 years.

I am sorry to say I am a part of their scam - The most crooks I have ever seen under one roof. But I am looking to change that very soon.


HMMMM I think all these ligit complaints can't all be wrong. Solok I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with carmax.

In 2007 I bought a 2008 Honda Ridgeline from a real dealership it had one small ding one tiny scratch and the cruise was not working I brought this to the dealerships attention and they had it fixed in 2 days.

in 2003 we bought a 2002 Tahoe and never had probs with it and it too came from a real dealership. So I guess if you are looking to get screwed go to carmax if you want a nondisposable vehicle go to a real dealership.




Real hot mess is right. If you have a extended warranty, they tell you there are several things wrong with your car. CNA pays for it, they make 1000's, you get a bunch of cheap Chinese parts on your car you didn't need.


Hello, we received your complaint and would like to discuss your experience with us further. Please call our Customer Relations department at 800-519-1511, Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm EST.


CarMax Customer Relations


Sorry about your problems but some of your statements are completely FALSE. Carmax only hires master techs which it takes a great deal of work to be I know this because I have a relative who is a tech for them and I think the youngest tech he has seen their was 31.

Some things aren't that simply I don't think you realize the amount of work that goes into working on cars. And to say they don't do an inspection is just immature, yes of course they do the inpection but some things are almost impossible to catch until the problem occurs. They can't tear down everything in the car to make sure every little peice works, no dealership or inspection does. This company would not be on fortune 500 list if they didn't practice what they preach.

It is impossible to make sure every car is perfect. *** happens. If you bought that car as is from another dealership you'd be *** out of luck. Thats why they have the 30 warranty.

If your buying a used car your taking a risk NO MATTER WHERE YOU BUY IT. Sorry about your troubles but I will never buy a car not from carmax because thats when you really get screwed.


***.. They hire all kinds - A lot of kids.

They have no training. They are not qualified to work on your vehicle.


Still waiting for the truck, still at carmax "shop" and I bet that when I pick up the truck the repairs are not going to be done right!!!! not only that but by the time I get the truck back the 30 day warranty is going to be over!!!

and the *** part about this is that the truck its been at carmax for most of the time since I bought it!!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!

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