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Very true about CarMax being a huge scam for car buyers. In 2014 or so, I traded in my 2005 Camry for a 2012 Buick LaCrosse hybrid sedan at CarMax in Omaha, NE.

Was told I had 5 days to change my mind bring the car back, get mine back and get a refund. I bought it on a Saturday and on the following Monday I took the LaCrosse hybrid sedan back to CarMax. It had 2 recalls on it that had never been done: I did one recall that had me waiting at a Buick dealer for more than 2 hours to complete. They would have to order the parts for the other recall and it would be a week or two before they came in.

I assumed the car was safe and up-to-date on all mechanical issues and this was clearly not true. So I drove the LaCrosse hybrid car back to CarMax on W Dodge Rd. Guess what? They shipped off my traded in car to an auction the day they bought it (or so they said.

I think they were trying not to honor the 5 day option to bring a car back myself).

Luckily while I was having recall work done at the Buick dealer, I found a similar Lacrosse hybrid on their floor and had a salesperson price it and haggle with me. We settled on a price and I had paid for it, leaving it there to be picked up later. It had more luxurious features, lower mileage and a lower price than the CarMax one.

Now returning the car to CarMax they were trying to trick me into keeping their car as I could not get my traded Camry back. I demanded my money back from them.

They filled out paperwork to PROCESS my refund, which would take about 2 weeks for me to receive from their "Corporate Office".

With the runaround and lies now finished at CarMax, I walked out of their show room and minutes later was picked up by my sales lady at the Buick dealership with my beautiful, top of the line Buick LaCrosse hybrid at a lower price than at CarMax and with all recalls up to date and done.

Run, do not walk away from CarMax.

I also got ripped off by having to pay the full sales tax on the Buick dealer car as I had no trade in to lower my final cost thanks to CarMax.

They are a sleazy company with salesmen and ads that are at best half truths if not outright lies. I will be doing the Happy Dance once they get their pants sued off and are driven out of business for their shameful business practices.

Please help me achieve that goal by circulating this story to anyone and everyone you know.

Thank you

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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