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My wife paid off her car and gave it to our son so she was shopping for another one at carmax San diego. Found the one she wanted and applied for it.

The loan came back with 18-20% interest and came to find out that the carmax rep (Elliot Stepsnof) processed her loan inquiries 16 times without her discreation which affected her credit score. She called Carmax and they said they couldnt do anything about it. They only said it will drop off in a year. F that!

You’re dealing with people lives here!!!

We demand disciplinary action on the employee immediately and compensation. I got my car here and even brought my father in for a car with no issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Loan.

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So CarMax pulled 16 credit reports without her authorization or knowledge? I didn’t know that is lawful.

Can you resolve this with filing a credit dispute with the credit bureau(s) involved?

Excessive inquiries would have a profound affect on her credit score. Most finance and insurance companies use our credit score for pricing the products we need.


What is QUOTE : " discreation " ? I know enough about what QUOTE : "compensation" is to assure you that you won't see any of that.

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