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Have purchased 5 cars from CarMax, each with a warranty. Never had to use it until recently.

Took my Lexus to the Lexus dealership in Annapolis for a bad sensor. After the $300 deductible was met, MaxCare disallowed over $100 from the bill. Received a check for 18 DOLLARS! DO NOT purchase the MaxCare warranty.

Better to either keep the money in your pocket or purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Contacted MaxCare and the rep was antagonistic. Was later contacted by a CarMax rep after sending an e-mail stating that I would NEVER purchase another one of their vehicles.

Monetary Loss: $124.

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Frankie S

Customers can sell maxcare back to carmax if your not satisfied.

@Frankie S

Can you sell it back even if you've had the car for two years?


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Fairly typical issue, particularly when choosing the higher deductible maxcare plan. Your choice is to take it to carmax so you can receive a lower deduct, but it will never be properly repaired or you can take it to a reputable dealer.

The issue with taking it to the dealer is CNA or TWG will not pay dealer labor rates or full dealer price on parts, so you get stuck with the difference.

Maxcare is good for domestic, common, or low tech vehicles. Any luxury or higher end vehicle that will require specialized service is best purchased directly from the dealer.

You can always sell the maxcare back to the max, but you wont have any warranty support.

Frankie S

EXKMX, What is CNA and TWG? I guess I was fooled by carmax during training because they did not explain the issues a customer could possibly have about bringing the vehicle to a dealer for repair.

carmax trains the sales consultant to ease the customers mind that "if you dont want to bring it to carmax, you can use any licensed repair shop! Now that to me is pretty *** shady and proves they dont care about the customer. carmax just wants the money for the maxcare!

I believe customers are being mislead, and I think other dealers should advertise that carmax pulls this trick on customers! I want to make as many people as possible aware of what maxcare can really end up costing customers.

@Frankie S

TWG and CNA are the underwriters for the maxcare warranty.

Frankie S

I am truly disgusted with the way carmax tricks people into thinking "all you pay is the deductable, and you can bring it to any licensed dealer for repairs" but they DON'T TELL THE CUSTOMER maxcare don't pay for dealer labor costs or dealer price on parts! I wonder if carmax even uses the recommended parts that are suppose to be used?

Frankie S

It's no wonder carmax can afford to pay for all the corporate salaries, they are pros at ripping off customers!


Same thing just happened to me. I took my car in to the dealer and the dealer found multiple other issues, that were on paper covered.

The warranty group decided they must send an inspector out to check over the car because it seems they do not trust the DEALER.

Anyhow, everything was covered except one small issue because it was not fully broken yet. The service rep advised that I would need to come out of pocket past my deductible to get everything fixed. For example, dealer says it takes 3.5 hours to replace something and the warranty group will only pay for 3.

Between the 4 things that need replacing it has added up to 400 extra on top of my deductible.

Frankie S

carmax should be sued because they dont fully explain the option of taking your vehicle to a repair shop of your choice. As a sales consultant, carmax NEVER, EVER trained us on the extra cost it may require the customer to come up with! carmax are *** dirtbags that should be shut down.

Frankie S

More carmax deception. It should be a law to explain (and in writing) to the customer that this can possibly happen. There is nobody in the world that can justify this type of ripp-off!

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