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My car got towed Tuesday, November 13, 2018 to a repair facility [International Auto] a third party repair shop accredited by Carmax through my extended warranty Maxcare. I did not receive a rental until that Friday after making several attempts to contact enterprise, maxcare and carmax.

The auto repair facility told me i needed to swap out my old alternator and return it to autozone and bring back a new one [with no car] which i did, thanks to a friend giving me a ride. not to mention the many Ubers i had to pay for in order to get to work and get my daughter to school. Received a call from the auto repair shop that they gave me the wrong alternator and that i needed to get a new one [still with no car] the auto repair shop told me he did not deal with autozone and that he would not speak with them in which i had to call maxcare and carmax to complain to finally get anything done. I finally received a rental Friday, November 16, 2018.

My car was done Monday evening November 19, 2018 which i had to wait until tuesday to go pick it up because had to return my rental. I picked my car up tuesday evening, November 20, 2018 and went home packed to go away for thanksgiving which is 3 1/2 hours away to my brothers house in which my car broke down yet again due to the oil leaking. The mechanic replaced my valve cover gasket and did not install properly making my oil spill all over my engine. I was an hour away from making it to my brothers house.

me and my daughter were stranded in the middle of nowhere. My insurance only covers a tow in a 15 mile radius and Maxcare only would cover $100 which i didnt have the difference because i just paid to get my car fixed. My brother had to come and pick us up. I called maxcare and the repair facility that morning of the 21st and was told they were closed due to the holiday.

I had to wait until Friday, November 23 to speak to someone in which they did nothing. I finally got my car off the side of the road yesterday, November 26 after several complaints being put on hold, not getting a call back. My car is in a facility in Virginia. i received a rental yesterday november 26 and was told to return it wednesday november 28.

My car has not yet been repaired and i called maxcare to see if they could extend my rental and they told me that their notes stated the supervisor wrote: not to do anything else for me, they have been more than gracious and went out of their way and not to extend my rental. My car is 3 hours away from me.

it is now the 28th and the dealership is waiting on maxcare to cover their portion i had to pay out of pocket for another day for my rental [i have only had my rental for 2 days] i was told by carmax i should be able to have a rental max of 7 days or until my car is released. ive tried to contact maxcare but they keep putting me on hold and not calling me back

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Maxcare Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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