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In early June 2018 the car was totaled. Nationwide Insurance Agency finally got a check to Carmax to pay off the vehicle in August 2018.

Carmax began calling me in September 2018 stating that I was behind on my payments. I explained the situation and they stated that the check had been returned, not paid. I contacted Emily Gates at Nationwide and she provided Carmax with the cleared check. Carmax contacted me again in October, stating the same thing.

I said the cleared check had been sent. They said it had not, though Nationwide showed me where it had. So I contacted Nationwide again, I also asked Carmax, while this is under investigation to not report this to the credit agencies as they over and over again said it looked like an issue on their end. Nationwide sent another cleared check and sent me a copy as well.

The cleared check is quite obviously stating the bank has paid the amount in question. I had never missed a payment in 4 years. Not a single one late or short. In fact, I paid extra each payment.

Carmax has since reported this, resulting in my credit dropping 77 points. It's 60 days overdue. Carmax just keeps telling me every three days that they are 'looking into it'. They have made no resolution, yet keep reporting this to the credit agencies.

I had to buy another car when that one was totaled, I am not able to make extra car payments until this is settled, since Nationwide has settled it. They have paid the car, the funds left their bank and Carmax is fighting and saying the check was returned, but has no proof of this.

Meanwhile, Nationwide has a CLEARED check. We have both asked Carmax to provide documentation as to the 'returned' check, they will not do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Credit repaired and refund check resent for gap insurance.

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that's bull s%#t'''''they were trying to put some extra money in there pocket sounds like to me.... I will never do bizz with them....

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