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I went to the Henderson, NV store to purchase a 2000 Grand Prix. It was atleast $2000 overpriced, but I wanted the Daytona trim package.

So, I was willing to overpay for the car as long as I got a decent price for my trade-in. When the "offer" came back $3000 below NADA, Kelley Bluebook, and two other local offers, I smiled politely at the salesperson and stated that I was leaving. She was very nice and asked if I wanted to speak to the estimator. I said it wasn't worth my time considering the policy not to negotiate, as well as the insultingly low offer.

She insisted on having "Mike" comeout of his hole to tell me that his offer was the real and only price for my car. I didn't throw a fit or make a scene. Instead, I left and went next door to another dealer, found a 2002 Grand Prix for $5000 less and received $3,000 more for my trade in. Scarmax is so overpriced, it is borderline criminal what they do to uneducated customers.

Luckily, I have been in the automotive industry for 18 years and I know my cars. I will now make it my mission to educate as many people as possible that Scarmax does not offer any value or savings over traditional dealers. The nice, soft-sell approach is designed to steal cars from unsuspecting consumers. Obviously, Scarmax is successful robbing the public since they're so big and profitable.

So, my comments will only make their executives smile knowing that they're devious plan is working on the uneducated, clueless folks out there. They don't think they need consumers like me who know a little about cars. Because of their arrogance, I will make sure my employees and my customers hear of my experience. I might even consider giving my employees and customers (350,000 strong!) a $500 check for every car they buy from someone other than these scam artists.

I still can't believe that they kept a straight face during the time I was at the store.

God help anyone who thinks Carmax offers a good value. What a disgusting example of free market enterprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Trade-in.

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I know this an old review but I had this exact same experience today. Got the "non negotiable" offer thousands less than nada kbb etc put in rough shape.

I told them too that if they upped the price $1010 that would at least satisfy my my current loan on the car, still below value but would spend the 25k on the car I was interested in. No budge just bs apologies and "we don't want to insult you" well ya did and I made it perfectly clear that they had for sale almost the exact same car on their lot same mileage and all for 16k and change and I was offered 7k for my very meticulously overmaintained vehicle. Which they found no flaws in might I add. Go f%$& yourself carmax.

I and everyone I will inform of this will never use your store...

Ever. And the prices are not a non negotiate price on their vehicles as they are grossly overpriced to begin with

Frankie S

Good post anonymous! Hopefully there will be more customers like yourself that actually use their brain.

The appraisers at carmax will say "people always think their vehicles are worth more" .. well guess what carmax. THEY ARE! There are people that actually take care of their vehicles, and baby them.

In my opinion, nobody should accept a lowball wholesale offer from carmax.

On top of all that, the salesperson just worked for free! carmax are legal crooks, and I am very happy to see that you plan on informing others about your experience!!


Dear Harry Comes,I only went there to buy a car for my 16 year old son. Like I wrote in my original message, i was looking for a specific trim option and the local Scarmax store advertised that they had one in stock.

And no, I don't have 350,000 employees, you *** I have 350,000 cusomters and emoyees.

Big difference. I am impressed that you have enough extra energy to write complaints about complaints.


the home office and corporate level carmax employees are the worst of the worst. They really dont care they just want to save face.

The reputation of this company is already destroyed.

They give lowball offers to desperate people and then sell the cars back to uneducated buyers for astronomical prices.

5-7 thousand over what they pay. wake up people !!!they are crooks


I was on my way to get a Carmax appraisal for my 08 Pathfinder. I have considerable equity and cannot afford to waste my time on a an automatic low ball.


I have found that the key to obtaining a vehicle at less than retail is to walk into the dealer with confidence and GOOD credit. Always be willing to walk away.

Even it takes two hours to get the financing negotiated. If the nunbers do not work, walk!


The people at Carmax are a bunch of snakes, even worse than the ones at a "traditional" dealership. Case in point, my experience was roughly the same as yours, frank39. The FIRST time i went in to Carmax (here in Austin, TX) i was interested in seeing one of their vehicles listed online. I told them I saw the vehicle listed online and wanted to check it out, Well, after going through the normal salesman spiel and after he couldn't find the car , he asked me When I saw it listed. I told him, "about two hours ago." Long story short, he finally found the car and told me another customer was working on a deal on the car. Fine. So I informed him that I wasn't interested in any other car they currently have to offer. He shook my hand, gave me a *** You" look, and sent me on my way.

the SECOND time i visited, maybe a month later, Iwalked in and a new salesman introduced himself, i informed him that i wasn't interested in purchasing a vehicle and only wanted to get an appraisal for my current vehicle. He obliged and he said it'd be done and that i should be outta there in about 30-40 mins (which i was). However, just like you, frank39, the appraisal value they offered was in Insult, and was well below even a "rough" trade in value for my vehicle. Not only that, I spoke with the appraiser as he was looking at my car and he said everything looked to be good except that all 4 tires needed to be replaced (so i guess my tires are worth a few thousand dollars in appraisal value). Before i even stepped foot into Carmax, I knew exactly how much my car was worth as a trade-in, through private sale, and a typical dealer retail, in pretty much any condition. And to LOWBALL it for LESS than what would be considered a Junker for my vehicle? wow. (remember, I need some new tires) Now, I understand Carmax is in business to make money, but making such an insulting offer p***ed me off the most. (And to top it all off, the salesman was STILL TRYING to sell me a car when I clearly told him I'm not interested in buying). And there again, when I told him I'm not interested in buying, i got that familiar handshake with a *** You* attitude from the salesperson.

I will NEVER do business with Carmax and will encourage others not to as well. Before I had visited Carmax, I had been willing to pay slightly more for a vehicle for the ease of conducting business for which they seem to boast about. HA, WHAT A JOKE. They're rip off artists, and they seem to do it well, especially to the unsuspecting and uninformed consumer.


@Harry Comes

Some words of wisdom..

The wealthy is in no need to look as such, it is the poor who strives to be taken for a wealthy/



Thanks for sharing and the wake-up call.


Well you just convinced one uneducated purchaser and I WILL NEVER buy from them and I will spread the word. thank you for the education


You claim to have 350,000 employees & customers yet you are shopping for a 10 year old Pontiac?


We would like to hear more about your experience. Please call our home office at (800)519-1511 so that we can help.

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