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Seeing a car online in OK City,OK my son had it brought to the Garland Carmax. They said it had a problem that a tech was looking at because it wouldn't talk to the state computer for inspection purposes.

They farmed it out to the local GMC dealer. Keep in mind this is an '09 Aveo. The computer was replaced and then the key switch. After it still was not right they declared that it was going to the salvage pool.

Second car was brought in from Austin and it had been wrecked, fixed and repainted. They didn't even clear the back bumper. It was dull. There were several spots where they did some spot touch-up paint and it wasn't even the same color.

Paint in the engine bay was a different color than the car. The trans dipstick showed brown fluid instead of red and the motor appeared to have some sludge in it. I told "Cam" this and he tooted the 5 day return policy and the first 30 days repairs were on them. My son elected to not buy the car and the salesman wasn't happy.

The biggest thing I have learned in dealing with these ingrates is that if you know what you are talking about then they have no way to deal with you. They don't know how. I am over 35 years under the hood and do know what I am doing with most any car. I can't in clear conscience buy another car from them.

It's the biggest crackhead establishment I have ever seen. After this I went to one of the local Chevy dealers and picked out a nice used car and went home happy. It was seamless and easy.

Carmax could take a lesson from almost ANY used car lot in America and be able to improve their act. They won't do it.

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Thank you for grammar lesson, CarMax corporate, this is a prime example of what CarMax is now, versus what it used to be. 6 years ago, theres no way that piece of *** would have made it to the front lot.

Frankie S

I could not have said it better myself!!

Frankie S

carmax is pretty pathetic!


I believe the word you were looking for is, in fact, "decent."


If pointing out grammar mistakes makes you feel smarter make sure you check yours first. (I believe the word you were looking for is in fact, "decent".) Too many commas polesmoker...

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