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I went to carmax because I found a genesis coupe there! Very rare car to find with low miles 21xxx. So I went and test drove the car and fell In love with it, and the mileage and price was extremely good 20k. There was another genesis at a Hyundai dealer but it got...
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You'll have to excuse big Al. He's one of the "PR hogs".

Their one & only job is to go on sites like these and defend the company from all the people they screw over. They're called the hogs because carmax released a picture of them & they're all fat & just terrible to look at. I'm so glad you're angry Al. Hows sales this fiscal year?

Still in the decline? :)

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Carmax Oil Change
.. I've been reading all the complaints about CarMax on this site today, and would like to give my opinion. First "as far as employees are concerned" almost all companies treat their employees like ***. I am a professional Chef who works for Hyatt hotels and resorts....
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Wow... you know I also read all the reviews on here and decided out of the blue that I would get on here and write a ridiculously long essay without bashing carmax.

This is another obese member og the carmax corporate PR team.

Carmax sells ***. That is all.

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Carmax Oil Change

Carmax sold me a *** car

i bought a 2008 pontiac g6 from carmax in tinely park il and in two days had to return it on several occassions because somethings was wrong with the front end driving suspention i took the car on the express way and took the speed up to 65 and it shook like *** and once i got off the express way and went to the traffic light it wouldnt stop shaking so i took it back and it needed a front wheel alignment and tire balance so when i got the dam car back the oil light was on and the brakes are squeeking well with all the rain they couldnt determine the problem with the brakes but i am responsiable for a oil change 3 weeks of purshasing this car so the 100 point check inspection they claim they do is a bunch of *** buy or beware i feel like ive been hoodwinked
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Carmax offers all brands of cars for sale. It's your fault you bought a Pontiac, a brand now out of production.

Carmax has a 5 day return policy for just such instances. If you were having trouble with your car within the 1st 2 days you should have returned it and chose another one...Caarmax would have done that for you...They didn't build the Pontiac, they only offered it as an option, and would have helped you out of the situation to put you into another vehicle....Bad Carmax!


my mother in law just bought er g6 brand new not that long ago. she is the only owner the vehicle has ever had.

and she had the exact same problem. it actually was her power steering in her g6.

so maybe its pontiac not carmax. carmax is pretty reliable with their cars.


Just using this word showes your an ***. If you want a perfect car go buy new, we sell used cars.

That should tell you that in some cases this was a problem for someone else so they got rid of it. We can't take them apart and check everything. We process hundreds of cars a week through our shop. We missed a few things get over it.

Call corporate if you want if you do don't bring the car back to our shop. Like *** off the cook when you complane in a resturant, you never want to make your mechanic mad.


We received your complaint at our Home Office. We would like to hear more and have the opportunity to assist you. Please call us at 800-519-1511, Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm (EST).


CarMax Customer Relations

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Carmax Oil Change

Carmax in Chicago, Illinois - *** poor service

Bought a 2004 Jaguar from them one year ago. Since then I have spent more money out of pocket on this car despite having purchased an extended warranty. The *** poor service started shortly after purchasing the car. I wanted to take it in to Carmax for an oil change. I was told by the service department at the dealer where purchased that it would be THREE WEEKS to get it in. 3 Weeks for an oil change! Complained to an interested service manager who promised better service and that it shouldn't have happened. So the next time it was do for an oil change I went through the exact same problem. This time I called the extended warranty department and got the "we're sorry....blah blah blah" again! So I gave up and took it to the local Jaguar dealer. Now I experience transmission problems 6 weeks ago. Took it to the Jag dealer. Carmax wouldn't pay for it to be fixed so it cost me $1,000 out of pocket. Now five weeks later the same issue. This time Carmax will pay for a rebuilt transmission but they are jerking the Jaguar dealer around and I am still without my car. I have been without my car for over a week and according to the Jag dealer I may get my car back in a week or so if Carmax approves everything. Called the finance department and asked to speak with someone that could hear and take care of my issues, after spilling the whole sordid story to SUZANNE She said she could give me the number to the extended warranty department. NOW I'M ANGRY because she could have NOT wasted my time and just given me their number to begin with, plus she asked "so the Jaguaar dealer told you to bring it back to Carmax" that NEVER came up in my she wasn't even paying attention. This company has lousy follow up and service. They are great at selling cars and extended warranties but totally miss the mark in the follow up. I intend to tell EVERYONE I know of the *** poor service that they deliver. I will NEVER buy a car from them again. BUYERS BEWARE...THEY JUST DON'T CUT IT!!!!!
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Carmax Oil Change

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