Charlotte, North Carolina

when an associate goes to work at carmax...if they dont sell a car...they will pay you minimum wage but as soon as you sell a car on the next pay check they will take that money back. SUCKS pretty bad coming from a fortune 500 company.

They also demand that an associate come in for training and you dont get paid for that either. CARMAX needs a UNION to deep them from *** on there employees.

The company acts like Russia also, by recording calls and dont ever try to post anything on FB. because they dont want the truth about them to come out.


  • Minimum wage
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Frankie S
@Truth be told


Frankie S
@Truth be told

You nice and calm now Truth? Lol...

Looks like I got under your skin? I am actually 6'2" and in good shape! I am not a fat slob, and you sound like a 3rd grader the way you think and speak.

Chill out, and go watch some smartclips about handling fat slob customers. :roll

Frankie S

Its hard to imagine that a company WON'T PAY a sales associate for coming in an hour early to listen to all the bs. The store is not open at this time, and a sales associate cannot make any money listening to *** The managers will tell you its free training!

I have to laugh at that one. It's really more like carmax associates come in for free. carmax loves that power thing, and associates feel like little monkeys in a lab. Then carmax has the balls to tell associates to go lock up the cars before closing!

Do this, do that, but we are NOT GOING TO PAY YOU!

It's no wonder why the turnover is so huge, and this is a top 100 company to work for? carmax wont pay their associates, but they spend tons to say they are a top 100 company.

Frankie S

What good is the money if your stressed from your job? Stress eventually makes you sick, and your working all the *** time anyway.

I guess there are some people that think money is the most important thing. These type of people will be slaves all their lives.

Frankie S

Thank you for confirming my posts. carmax is one of the worst 100 companies to work for.

The way to handle a situation like this is to most definetly post on FB, and get the truth out to the social media.

This would not be in the best interest of carmax. If carmax can *** off so many employees, employees can do the same to carmax.

@Frankie S

Or you can just find another job that pays you 70k a year

Frankie S

70k? You lie like a rug.

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