Charlotte, North Carolina

when an associate goes to work at carmax...if they dont sell a car...they will pay you minimum wage but as soon as you sell a car on the next pay check they will take that money back. SUCKS pretty bad coming from a fortune 500 company.

They also demand that an associate come in for training and you dont get paid for that either. CARMAX needs a UNION to deep them from *** on there employees.

The company acts like Russia also, by recording calls and dont ever try to post anything on FB. because they dont want the truth about them to come out.


  • Minimum wage
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@Frankie S

Do you do any research before completely bashing this company. CarMax is one of the FEW major companies that still allow smoking on their property.

They are promoting a healthier lifestyle and gave associates well over six months to make this adjustment.

Oh and they are covering the entire cost of programs to help them quit not only for the associate but their spouse . REALLY you are complaining about being asked to wear a belt that is part of the dress code, that is like being a fire fighter and complaining about having to wear a helmet.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

A healthier lifesyle? Lets not be fooled sir, it's about a discount for the health insurance they pay!

Do you really think carmax cares about peoples health, if it didn't concern MONEY? If folks want to smoke, carmax has no right to tell them otherwise. Do you think a belt on a employee serves the same purpose as a helmet on a firemen? A belt means nothing on a person other than to hold up the pants!

Are you kidding me? A helmet on a firefighter is to protect the head in case a roof or heavy objects hits the head! Many people don't like to wear belts.

but carmax does not care about that, a rule is a rule!

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

I have done research, and carmax has tons of complaints. It's not me imagining things, or making things up.

Why doesn't carmax ask employees what they really think on those phony Kompass surveys, that everyone is REQUIRED (forced) to take? The surveys ask the questions and the employees have a multiple choice for answers! More *** from carmax. The managers telling everyone to go and fill them out feels like *** Kindergarten!

What the *** is wrong with this company? What a Twilight Zone episode!

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

Ever go on I am sure you have, if not your in for a rude awakening!

Just look at the PAGES AND PAGES of complaints.

Rest my case, Mr. Defense attorney.

@Frankie S

Wrong (dare I say it)....AGAIN. The new rule isn't no smoking, it's NO TOBACCO USE which includes no smoking but not limited to.

That fact must be nearly enough to make you want to hang yourself!

Frankie S

If carmax treated me right, I would not be complaining. If carmax actually inspected their vehicles and fixed them, I would not be complaining.

If carmax paid us for our time, I would not be complaining. If carmax didnt force employees to take surveys I wouldn't be complaining. The company plain sucks! There are so many employees and ex-employees that HATE carmax.

Can't you get that through your thick skull?

Do you read these posts? You will eventually be fired or you will end up leaving.


10 people complain and thousands are happy. Do the math *** leader.

I like Carmax and don't care for slackers like yourself. If all you have to is type on this blog then you need to put together a better resume.

Does McDonalds require resumes?? Get a job and quit *** like a woman.

Frankie S

"quit *** like a woman"? Really?

You my friend are a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what carmax represents! You should really keep your big mouth shut!

carmax must LOVE YOU! Are you a racist also?

Frankie S

"Does McDonalds require resumes"? Really?

Now your putting down folks that work at McDonalds? Not everyone can have a pristine career like yourself Truth Be Told. Don't be so concerned about me, I have enough money to live on. You should be worried about your vehicles that you guys sell.

Isn't it so easy to overlook the important things when your a money hungry parasite? Go and warn the customers that they should be aware of what they are buying instead of worrying what I say.

Frankie S

How do you explain a NEGATIVE 10 for a stores VOC? (voice of the customer) You do the math!

@Frankie S

How do I explain, let me... Allowing people like you to work there.

This company is full of people like you, unfortunately.

We will be much better off when you move on, but you and others like you continue to complain because you can not find a better place.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

So you think you will be much better off, how? Your vehicles still need repairs before you sell them!

Customers are still on here complaining? It's not about me not being there, it's about carmax needing to change their ways. So you think there isn't a better place than carmax? Hehehehehehe.....

wow, you are a piece of work for sure. I would bend over backwards and do extra for some companies I worked for in the past, because they were very good to me! Unfortunately, these companies had huge layoffs and the company is gone now. A good company does not have huge turnover like carmax does.

How can you defend that? You are in denial for sure.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

You are something else my sweet baby! As a matter of fact, my VOC was at 69%!!

That is really good my friend. But it really doesn't matter because I though I was going to be noticed for that, but instead I was told negative things! Great manager huh! To prove my point again, it's all about selling!

The problem is that carmax contradicts themselves everyday, and thats exactly why this company is destined to FAIL.

How do you like that! ,)

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

There are so many negative posts about this company, and the folks that TRY to defend carmax are @$$ki$$ers, you know those people, they are in all companies.

Frankie S

I am also going to voice my opinion on complaints Boards and eventually Facebook. My friends will also be advised from my experience about carmax.

If I want to get my point across I will do so.

If carmax can make their points clear, then I can also. You see, nobody is going to get away with *** with me.

Frankie S

You still working at carmax jerky?

Frankie S

carmax has a very huge legal department, and for good reason. If carmax was on the up and up, they would not need such a huge legal team. Buyer beware of carmax.

Frankie S

One more thing, maybe you can have your own dealership after you graduate High School, just make sure the cars are really quality vehicles otherwise they would be difficult to sell! lol

Frankie S

You sound very angry and frustrated, just like many carmax employees. If you would like to own your own dealership, you really need to take some more KMX courses, they are required (forced) you know.

Why do you get a car cheap at carmax? Maybe it's because they are cheap cars that are not ready for sale, and I am suppose to sell a vehicle that makes noises, or has vibrations! Can you be reasonable and see its not all that easy to be in that situation when selling? If I dont believe in the product, how can I sell?

Do you read these posts and see how many customers are bringing their vehicles back and forth for repair? You are so in denial it's not that funny anymore.

Now go for your review and get to work! You are not going to win this debate, there is too much evidence against carmax.


Quit your fricken whining, if you didn't sell a car at my dealership, I'd kick your butt out and tell you to get a job flipping burgers. Min.

wage should be great for you considering you suck at selling cars. Car sales people work very hard and to keep your sale education and new products up to date, you should come in on your own time. If it make you better than it's worth it. The real problem is that you a fat lazy slob with no drive to be anything other than a complainer.

The other thing is if you take your car to a carmax who has no speciality person for the make of car you have, your *** too. You got the car cheap and you need to take it to a bmw, ford or whatever brand it is. Don't hate Carmax hate yourself for not being smart enough to handle your Biz.

If you have a serious problem with your car quit crying and get the *** thing fixed. If you can't afford it it's because you complain instead of work.

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