Charlotte, North Carolina

when an associate goes to work at carmax...if they dont sell a car...they will pay you minimum wage but as soon as you sell a car on the next pay check they will take that money back. SUCKS pretty bad coming from a fortune 500 company.

They also demand that an associate come in for training and you dont get paid for that either. CARMAX needs a UNION to deep them from *** on there employees.

The company acts like Russia also, by recording calls and dont ever try to post anything on FB. because they dont want the truth about them to come out.


  • Minimum wage
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Frankie S

I am not forcing you to read my posts, so dont. If you never worked there, then dont worry what I post.

I am sure there are people that work there, or did work there that enjoy reading my posts. I know I enjoy reading posts that I agree with on this site.

Frankie S

I guess all these issues I have with carmax bother me a bit more than any other company for the fact that I am working full time for free. Having to be there weekends and not making a dime can get frustrating.

So putting up with their rules and having to do lock up their vehicles for free is basically what makes it different then the companies you talk about that have dress codes and smoking regulations.

They have a lot of nerve treating someone like a child who is there working for free! Shameless and ruthless is carmax.

@Frankie S

If you spent 1/10 of the time selling as you do complaining, you would love your paychecks.

Frankie S

Tired, have you been reading the new complaints? I am NOT SPEAKING RUBBISH as you say I do.

Frankie S

Go scratch your *** and read all these complaints if you dont believe me jerky!

Frankie S

Directly under these original complaints there are 3 boxes. They are useful, funny, or ***.

I notice that the *** blocks are being used more than the useful box. If these people are from carmax (which would only make sense) you really need to stop and voice your opinion by clicking on the reply under the posts.

Unless your not allowed to by carmax? Many of you folks that defend carmax are pretty ticked off and do not use nice language, which is typical of people in the used car business.

Frankie S

A very good co-worker friend once said to me, they (carmax) treat everybody poorly when you dont sell 1 vehicle for every 10 customers you deal with. When it is time for an associates file review once a month, certain managers will bash the *** out of you and make you feel like a child.

I am not exaggerating, LIKE A CHILD! I have never been treated so unprofessionaly in my life in a work place. You would of thought it was the end of the world, or I did something really horrible the way that manager acted and treated me. In a very short period of time, an associate can start to hate their job at carmax.

I will say it again, carmax does not value thier associates, unless you are a top seller. Thus, the very, very high turnover.

The sad part is, you will be told by the MA's that carmax is such a fun place to work, when you are hired, and you believe it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Frankie S

I am reading this post and have to agree that carmax is not a fortune 500 company. I dont see how a fortune 500 company and minimum wage belong in the same sentence!

Frankie S

I hate when the managers tell you to stay with a customer, and the customer wants to be left alone. I hate explaining myself all the time like a child.

carmax realizes this, but does not give a rats *** what you say. Thats why so many sales associates hate carmax also. Isn't working for free bad enough? Too much *** going on with this company.

Whats even worse is going for a test drive and the *** vehicle has problems! Customers think twice about the vehicle, especially after explaining the 125 point inspection!

But, carmax is a top 100 company so that makes everything alright! lol

@Frankie S

You must not have been very successful as a sales consultant for CarMax, considering that the successful ones are some of the best paid associates in the company.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

I sold and made money, but you are not comprehending what I posted. Are you not getting what I am saying?

I said carmax is a horrible company to work for because of the constant micro-managing and terrible quality of the vehicles. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING A TOP PAID CONSULTANT! You sir are a perfect example of what I am saying about the managers and corporate! All you care about is making money, it's not about anything else.

All that MATTERS is the money, money, money,money! Thats exactly WHY THERE ARE SO MANY COMPLAINTS about this company. You know what I am talking about, you are in denial and will always have a sarcastic answer.

You will always be slave with that attitude. carmax needs to stop micro-managing AND focus on the quality of their vehicles.

@Frankie S

Hypocritical... This word best describes you.

You have been ranting on here endlessly about working for free... Now your saying that's not the point? Perhaps what you meant to say was "I'm a horrible employee that does not appreciate criticism, or being told how to do things because I know EVERYTHING.

CarMax has been incredibly successful in their industry for many years because they suck at what they do. Now I'm mad because I don't get my way and I will single handily ruin CarMax!!!"

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

I am steam rolling right through these posts with confidence and honesty. The used car business is a very tough business, and justifiably so.

The reason why so many customers and employees are pissed off or not satisfied with carmax is because these used vehicles are not inspected, or if they are inspected, they are not fixed properly. These vehicles were previously owned, and we have no idea how the car was driven. Some vehicles look great, maybe because they were garaged, or the owner took good care of it, and many others were beaten on and never had regular service. The point is, YOU JUST DONT KNOW BUYING USED.

I have heard people beat on rentals and fleets. I dont want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to buy a beaten vehicle.

I am not saying ALL carmax vehicles are bad, but even 1 or 2 is too many. ALL vehicles on carmax lots should BE REPAIR FREE!

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

carmax is a disgrace. They treat employees like children, and the proof is in these posts.

I would never stay with this company, even I were a top salesperson. The used car business is one of the worst places you can work for. Ever notice how all most of the sales associates hide when a customer walks in?

Working with the public sucks, and you know it.

Frankie S

How about if your stuck in the e-office and one of your customers walks in to sell thier vehicle and you cant leave? That sucks, you lose out on $50!

The e-office is a joke, it should be voluntary not mandatory. carmax sucks.

@Frankie S

What you forget yo say is how many of your sales leads come from these e-office shifts, and that the $50 that you "lose out" on goes to the other associate that finishes the deal for you. So in a sense you are making money while creating more leads that a good salesman can convert into more sales.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

You dont get $50 for a trade in, so I do lose out on it. The customer just wants to sell their vehicle so if I dont do the appraisal, I dont get the $50.

This brings up another issue with carmax, the associate does NOT get $50 on a trade, because carmax considers it part of a sale which is total nonsense. The associate actually DOES MORE MORK because they have to secure the trade-in and fill out a form. I will tell you as a fact that employees HATE THIS! All these issues do add up and the result is pissed off employees.

If carmax was a top 100 company to work for people would stay. Its just that simple. Also, no employee wants to be REQUIRED (forced) to ask certain questions when they are in the e-office.

carmax makes it very uncomfortable for employees and I know that for a fact because I have heard it from most employees. Some may shrug it off, and say dont worry, they cant fire you, but who wants to work in those conditions!

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

The people that try to justify this company must be really insecure.

Frankie S
@wouldn't you like to know

The people that try and justify this company must also have many financial problems, because they are truly money hungry.

Frankie S

New rule for next year, no more smoking on carmax property. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if someday carmax installs cameras in the restrooms.

I was told once or twice I need to wear a belt.

Can you imagine, these managers are worried about a belt? carmax should be more worried about the vehicles that need repairs and don't worry so much about a belt.

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