Charlotte, North Carolina

when an associate goes to work at carmax...if they dont sell a car...they will pay you minimum wage but as soon as you sell a car on the next pay check they will take that money back. SUCKS pretty bad coming from a fortune 500 company.

They also demand that an associate come in for training and you dont get paid for that either. CARMAX needs a UNION to deep them from *** on there employees.

The company acts like Russia also, by recording calls and dont ever try to post anything on FB. because they dont want the truth about them to come out.


  • Minimum wage
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Frankie S
@Your an ***

Your saying "if"... if my aunt had b@lls, she would be my uncle!

Is it not possible for carmax to buy a vehicle for $86,000.00 and sell it for $95,000.00? The fact is a sales consultant only makes $160.00!

The turnover for sales consultants is very high, and justifies carmax is one of the worst companies to work for. I recommend you keep reading all these pages of employees bashing carmax.

Frankie S
@Your an ***

Put that in your pipe and smoke it ***

Frankie S

carmax talk at Superbowl was very negative to say the least. I certainly pointed out the quality of their vehicles just dont cut it with my experiences at carmax.

There was a sales person from another dealer there, and he agreed with me that $160 is a very poor commission for selling a vehicle. I am spreading the word about carmax and hopefully it will people will think twice about buying and/or working there.

Frankie S

carmax wants to have their managers make money, and not treat the sales associates fairly. I have been told this by other dealers sales people. I agree, and want to wish carmax managers and corporate a slow and painfull death to them *** *** all you carmax employees.


I disliked how the original complaint urged for a union.

People can leave if they don't like to work there.

Because we need more unions in this country, more

People whose pensions will be paid by tax payers.

Talk about Russia, like you know anything. ,)

Frankie S
@mini moon

I agree that carmax needs a union. When an employee has a problem HR does nothing about it.

Employees do get treated like children, and employees many times are humiliated and treated unprofessionally. I also think the employees that are not happy should leave, but on the other hand those who want to stay should be protected by a union. Eventually, the not so good managers and corporate folks can be weeded out.

I think it's fair managers get reviewed by the employees as well as a manager reviewing a sales associate, this would be called a 360 review. This way any unethical manager will have not so good reviews from the sales associates, and hopefully be fired.

@mini moon

You are an ***

Frankie S

Dave, go watch some smartclips

Frankie S

Oh wait, you are agreeing with me? sorry... lol


Actually many companies pay their commission only sales personnel this way. Perfectly legal.

Frankie S

Do top 100 companies pay only commission? carmax is so cheap they cant pay a base salary!

Legal, yeah sure, but unethical. Thats why carmax has such a high turnover with sales consultants! carmax simply sucks to work for. Once a sales consultants works there a while, you stop believing in what your trained to believe.

The vehicles are NOT QUALITY!

When someone is spending THOUSANDS of dollars, quality is a huge part. LadyScot, why dont you work for free?

@Frankie S

WHY would you go to work for them then? You knew what their pay scale was like before you took the job.

They guarantee you a base salary by paying you if you do not sale. As for the unions, the day the union is allowed into my company is the day I will quit. I have seen what unions do in this day and age, and honey, I do not need to pay someone to speak for me and I sure as heck will not pay for a union to screw me over. If a union does not like your pay scale, then you will have NO job because because when the union gives your job an ultimatum and they refuse, YOU lose.

Just look at Hostess. ALL of those people are out of a job because of their union.

ALL of them. A few were unhappy, and ALL paid the price.

No thank you.

Frankie S

I worked for them thinking it would be a top 100 company like they said, and I needed a job. So I gave it a shot, and soon realized that carmax was not different than other dealers, AND their cars were not ready for sale, thus not believing in carmax.

I want to share my experiences with potential buyers and make them aware of carmax. You see, many companies take advantage of their workers because the economy is really, really bad. People are forced to take shittier jobs with less pay, longer hours, less benefits and the end of pensions the minute you go to collect it. And now, they are coming after your social security money, and they will eventually get it.

My point is, carmax is one of those companies that takes advantage and is going to make profits and screw hardworking, honest folks. Just look at the turnover rate, AND THE COMPLAINTS ON THIS SITE!

But it doesn't matter, because the CEO is making a fortune as we speak. This is the American Dream.


You are foolish. Unions are needed to get this country back on track to save the middle class. Hope you like working for poverty wages and hiring someone else to care for your kids.iiwiluv

@Frankie S

Your a flaming ***. Sales people get paid commission you ***.

What incentive is there to sell if you get a base salary? Come on man, you're wasting perfectly good oxygen.

Frankie S

Hey anti-ringleader, there is still an incentive even if you get a base salary. The base salary would be for doing actual "work" for carmax, like locking up there vehicles at closing, (rain, snow,wind,hail) AND for sitting in the e-office answering calls (sometimes you get hardly any calls) for appx 14 hours a week!

You do realize that you cant take fresh-ups (customers that walk in) right? So if I am in the e-office and CAN'T POSSIBLY MAKE COMMISSION, I would be working for free, right?

Then Sunday meetings that last an hour when the store is closed I am there on MY TIME! The base salary would compensate the hours you can't possibly make commission, do you understand that, jerky?

Frankie S

carmax wont even pay a commission on a trade in! They pay a $50 commission when the sales consultant does an appraisal and the customer ONLY SELLS THEIR vehicle.

But, if the customer then decides they want to buy a vehicle, carmax does NOT PAY THAT $50!

A sales consultant gets pissed off at this policy, and carmax can shove the $50 up their nose! Totally unethical, and unfair!

Johnny J

Hey everyone, check out the post from Tired. The first sentence is a lie.

Tired is from Carmax corporate. They have people who troll these sites trying to quell the bad publicity. Hey Britt!

F* ck you & your overweight team of bootykissers. Need a breathmint?


Just to let you know Ringleader, I don't work for Carmax or anything, but you have lost all credibility by posting so many rehashed and irrelevant complaints over and over.The sad thing is that I don't know how much of what you say is really true, and how much is just whiny exaggerated nonsense.

I was a bit concerned when you said that many of their cars are not inspected properly, but then you go on to complain about having to wear a belt, not allowing smoking, and the company having a large legal department. I'm sorry but every large company has a large legal department. Every respectable company has a dress code. And I don't care about their reasons for banning smoking on the property. You are probably right that they are trying to save money on health insurance, but smoking is indeed a luxury. A destructive one at that.

So I don't feel like separating the relevant from the rubbish in your posts anymore. You sound too much like a disgruntled employee trying to get back at the company.

Frankie S

Tired, What I post on here is all true from my experience working at carmax. The belt thing was an incident that just made me more upset with carmax.

I happened to be going to lunch one day with a co-worker, and as the business manager was walking in the store, he said "two violations right there" My coworker was not wearing a belt also that day. What got me was the business manager did not even say good afternoon, or anything else. It was just like being in military school or something. Now in my experience, I have worked at 2 jobs after High School for many years, and I have never worked for such a strict, unprofessional company.

Yes, I am a bit disgruntled for sure, and I will let everyone know I am. No company will treat me like that, I am an honest and fair person. If you like, why dont you go work for carmax, or buy a vehicle from them and find out for yourself? If you read other posts you will see that there are many problems with the vehicles, and that is because they are not repaired after inspection.

If the were repaired, customers would have nothing to complain about! I hope your a reasonable person and understand that the way I irritate you, is the same way carmax irritates me, and many other employees.

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