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I wish I could give No Stars! I went to CarMax in Laurel MD and purchased a 2010 Jeep Patriot Limited.

CarMax did an Autocheck report on my vehicle to show me its history. It displayed that everything checked out on my truck and had no prior accidents. I later found out through a Carfax report, after trying to trade it out to a dealership, that my vehicle had been in a front in collision which was reported and not disclosed in the Autocheck report that CarMax did.

A few days after having the truck, I noticed it would jerk, drag, and stutter during acceleration. After complaining about the issue, I was sent to CarMax in Gaithersburg, MD and they discovered that the vehicle had a transmission issue and it needed to be replaced.

CarMax agreed to replace it and sent it to North Laurel Transmissions to do the work. A few months after having the truck, it began driving the same way it did prior to the transmission replacement so I went back to North Laurel Transmissions to have them check it out and contacted CarMax. I was told that the truck was fine and driving properly. About 7 months later the car stalled out on me on the side of the road and then began driving in reverse.

Knowing it was a transmission issue, I went back to North Laurel Transmissions and contacted CarMax once again. North Laurel Transmissions kept my car for at least two weeks only to tell me that the car needed a new transmission hose. Needless to say, after paying $400 to have the hose replaced, the truck was returned to me with the same issue as before and a added winding noise that it wasn't making before taking the car to them. Annoyed with the whole car situation, I spoke to the service manager Marlene who had me bring my car in one weekend to have the mechanics to look at it.

They told me my car needed strut mounts and control arms. Unsatisfied with the answer I called corporate who reached out to service manager Rosemary to assist me. She had me to bring my car in yet again to see a different mechanic and they told me that my car needed control arms and an alignment. Rosemary also stated twice in a voicemail that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my transmission and it was shifting properly.

Uncertain about their findings, I went to an outside mechanic that I could trust. After running a diagnostic, it displayed the codes: P0746, P0777, and P0730 which were all codes for transmission issues. They ended up giving me an invoice that stated the transmission needed to be replaced along with pricing for parts and labor. I called CarMax and spoke to a Manager name Greg Smartt about my new findings and he told me to send him an email regarding the issue to pass it on.

I did as he requested but of course no one ever contacted me back. Frustrated, I decided to trade the vehicle out and had an appraisal done at the CarMax that I purchased the vehicle from, who also did the misdiagnosis. After having the appraisal done, the appraiser notated on my appraisal that the vehicle runs improperly and has transmission shift problems. Mind you that Rosemary told me the transmission was shifting smoothly, but even your own appraiser said something was wrong with the transmission.

I called corporate once again and was sent back to CarMax for diagnosis and this time they admitted that there was an issue with the transmission since they couldn't deny it. I was told that they would do the work at cost, whatever that means, and no one ever got back with me to explain once I got my vehicle back, even after contacting corporate about it. They also gave me my vehicle back with an ant infestation and dirt smudges on my interior door. I'm not sure about the other CarMax locations but the one in Laurel, MD sales trash vehicles with problems and will not go beyond the call of duty to assist you, even if they're wrong.

They clearly do not care about keeping customers business or else they would do more to assist you.

If anyone is planning on doing a class action law suit against them please respond to my post. I will be happy to participate in it.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2010 Jeep Patriot Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Void the contract, take car back without it being a repossession or voluntary repossession or provide vehicle of equal value..

Carmax Cons: Being sold a defective car, Customer service from managers, Unwillingness to provide a beneficial solution, Unwillingness to admit wrongs, Unwillingness to contact me back.

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