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My name is Fanise adelphin I purchased a car from Carman about 4 months now well this month make it 4 months July 2017 1 week after we purchased the car we noticed the car was jumping and making a sound , so I called the service center and we scheduled appointment to come in I received a voicemail stated my car is ready to be pick up and they change the motor mots on my car and something else so I said okay because I was informed that was causing the issues okay no problem,, couple days again we hear the sound we take the car back I was informed there was nothing wrong . So we keep taking it back and even the sale rep states to us why they not fixing the car I don't know why I said to him I was miss treated so badly I put down 3000 on the car this was my first car 30 day warranty for the car is *** the service supervisor Brandon came out and said I hear what u talking about that's how Honda Civic are not true at all *** I was so overwhelmed frustrated like you not driving the car everyday i don't know anything about cars I felt mislead now I have to pay for something I was felt before and why the car is jumping my ac I for 2-3 months about ac is out my car is making this loud sound if I have to get the lawyer involved that is my next step either give me back my money for the car or take this car back and give me another car When I signed the papers I was assured that the vehicle had been thoroughly inspected and was in excellent condition, so then why I am having issues the very next day?

Not good business if you ask me.I will never go back nor will I refer anyone I know to this place.So thanks Carmax for the worst buying experience of my life. I got push out the door I was look at because I kept coming back and I am stuck with this car I need some other options fix the issues or we can go to court I have all of the invoices so many issues was fix and you guys still let me out the door with no other options bad business

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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