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Update by user Sep 11, 2014

Got my car back :) so far so good. The Kennesaw store service department is awesome.

I have to admit I should have just went to them in the first place. They were awesome to us. Everything is fixed on the car, they got ALL of the oil out of the carpets even. It smells like a new car and runs great.

It NEVER felt like this. I am SO grateful to the guys in the service department. After that kind of treatment I would actually think of buying another car from there.

If any of you read this know how grateful we are and how awesome it is that you guys listened to us. :) I hope I never see any of you again :0) (in a good way)

Update by user Aug 29, 2014

Okay - I have to say that Carmax has stepped up to the plate. They took my car and are doing a bunch of tests on it.

They gave me a loaner and are not making me pay a deductible for anything they find. I really have to say I am impressed at the level of customer service they are now showing.

We shall see what happens but I am feeling very positive for the first time. Thanks Chris, Scott and Andrew so far :)

Update by user Aug 08, 2014


Purchase date: October 19, 2011 Miles 31,699

Issue - Miles 33,251 E-Brake Failed rolled out of car port

Issue - Miles 48,908 Air pipes leaking/Intake Duct, Profile Gasket and Hose Clamp

Issue - Miles 50,250 Gasket Set, HEAD GASKET, and Thermostat

Issue - Miles 50,254 Passenger Airbag went out while on the test drive for the HEAD GASKET JOB Issue - Miles 50,852 Engine Mount, Hose Clamp, Power Steering Hose, Oil Pan Gasket, Hose Clamp, Hydraulic Fluid. Issue - Miles 51,934 Profile Gasket Issue - Miles 52,168 Faulty Front Brakes and same as 1st issue the EBrake Failed Issue - Miles 53,324 Intake Duct, Profile Gasket Issue - Miles 53,498 Battery went out, no biggie but by this time any time on the side of the road made me crazy!

Issue - Miles 54,681 Intake leak/ Profile Gasket Issue - Miles 56,331 Oxygen Sensor, Snorkel and Profile Gasket Issue - Miles 58,692 Exhaust Manifold crack, this was a bad one! Issue - Miles 59,187 HAPPY BDAY TO ME ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AGAIN! Smoke coming out of vents, over heated on our way to a festival, HEATER CORE OUT! Issue - Miles 60,004 Convertible top broke - makes a sunroof but won't go down.

COST OF THIS CAR TO CARMAX HAS BEEN AROUND $13,000 in repairs COST TO ME - $3,000 or so and unreal amounts of time on the phone, at the shop, standing on the side of DANGEROUS ROADS, at NIGHT, as a WOMAN, the stress of all of this in our lives. The money we could have spent on trips or FUN - You tell me this wasn't a SALVAGE CAR!

Update by user Aug 08, 2014

Well NOTHING came of us attempting to get them to do the right thing. They are a disgusting company.

I went into the Kennesaw, GA location to see if I could get them to do anything. OH BY THE WAY I got the car out of the shop AGAIN and 800 or so miles later the convertible top breaks. It opens into a sun roof but won't go down. NICE that is why we bought a convertible.

I don't even care anymore about that. At least it hasn't left me stranded yet since my birthday debacle. Anyway, the people at the Kennesaw store patronized the *** out of me, took me to a different room away from their precious victims I mean customers. They were talking to me like I was a 2 year old and then told me they were terribly sorry but Carmax wasn't to blame for any of this.

You know I was actually told by a CarFax rep that Carfax is not a reliable way of checking to see if your car has been in an accident or had parts taken off of it and replaced with other parts. They are right it is my fault for not taking that piece of *** to a mechanic and having it gone over with a fine tooth comb. Although I loved the car so much I maybe didn't want to hear it. Yes shame on us for trusting a company like this, taking them at their word that they inspect their cars.

We are *** for doing that but this is a GREAT lesson to those reading this. The warranty DOESN'T MATTER, the MECHANICAL CHECK OUT does! SO to sum up, I am still in the same spot I was a month ago, except I have been to the shop TWICE since my last update. My roof is still broke, I am not paying for anything else on this piece of JUNK.

I have covered the Cooper in signs and lemons and often do a parade lap around Carmax parking lot. Lucky I now work close so my lunch break has taken on a whole new thing. I have written the CEO of Carmax and certify mailed it. I expect NOTHING from that.

I will keep updating as I break down. I am sure another one is just around the corner. If you want a car GO SOME PLACE ELSE, EVEN IF YOU LOVE THE CAR. These people DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU ONCE YOUR PEN HITS THAT PAPER WORK.

If you do, I wish you the best of luck, you are going to need it and like my post says GET READY TO PAY! Even if you buy their *** max care JOKE of a warranty.

Update by user Jun 18, 2014

Well my car is finally repaired, going to get it today. I am going to try and make it back over to the dealership to give them one last chance to make this right. If they don't help us I am going to start my protest :)

Update by user Jun 05, 2014

So far no happy ending in site. I went to Carmax today driving a loaner car.

I asked for a manager the front greeting lady obviously uncomfortable with the stack of work orders i could literally cover that mini cooper in, goes to retrieve the "manager" I had asked for. He then ushers me to a private area incase I freak out in front of the other sales MEAT they are trying to feast on. Half way through my stories of missing work, standing on the side of the road on my birthday, this last break down I failed to mention was my bday, fun for me!and trying to show him the work orders, I found out he isn't a manager at all. He does the common banter and tries to woo me about how I couldn't possibly have older kids "you look too young!" Avoiding the side track maneuver, I get us back on track with "I am at the end of my rope." This last break down turned out to be the heater core, ph joy a new issue that I can again pay the $300 deductible for for Max "care." So that will be $1,800 that I have paid in deductible.

This month that makes my car payment $1100.00 for a car that has been in the shop for 11 days in the past month. So back to my story. He goes and gets another "manager" because at that point I think the crying was making him even more uncomfortable, I didn't do that for show by the way, I really was losing my mind a little. The other guy came back with him and listened as a witness I am sure to this other guy tell me that it's not their fault, it's not my fault, that is just what happens to cars sometimes.

If I want to hang out for a little while they can appraise it. I told him at the beginning the car was at the shop as we speak. I realize they want me to get into another car. I told him I still have the loaner car from the dealership and that I need to pay the deductible and they will fix it.

He said well when you do that bring it back and we can appraise it. Basically, there is nothing we can do. Oh and don't bring it back here without it being repaired first, that will make the appraisal less, WHAT REALLY! Oh and so how will these 30 other repairs do to the appraisal now that you know its a junk car.

I was thinking all of this of course. I shut down when the first guy left to get the second guy. He gave me his number and I walk out the door wasting, yet again, more time on this endless nightmare. My advice, GET THE MAX CARE, NOT THE CHEAP ONE I GOT FOR $1700 extra.

I am tired.

I have one more hail mary I am going to try with the corporate office. I am not going to get excited, maybe I should try reading the Secret and will this into a resolution.

Update by user Jun 02, 2014

Finally go ahold of a nice man at Carmax. We shall see what happens, hopefully this has a happy ending...

Original review posted by user Jun 02, 2014

Long story short: LEMON

Bought a 2006 Mini Convertible with 30,000 miles. It now has 59,188.

It's been in for repairs, sometimes for up to a month, over 15 times. The photos are of the work orders that I could find. There is one more to add to the collection because it is sitting in the shop right now. I got it out of the shop on May 3rd on May 31st It over heated a block from my house you can see the needle pegged hot in the photo.

This shouldn't happen to a car with this many miles and this many repairs done. It was towed back to the shop. We still owe $19,000 on this PIECE of ***. In order to get rid of it we have to sell it back to car max and pay $8000 in cash.

To keep it, I have to take out another credit card to cover the $300 deductible we have paid 5 times now. I took out a credit card just for the deductible and that card is maxed out. I have had to call Carmax Finance and plead with them to put a payment that month on the back end of our loan 2 times because the car payment for that month would be $800. This car is a JUNKER, we have to rent a car to go any place outside of our AAA covered tow radius, we bought a convertible to enjoy and drive to the beach, we never have.

I have been to Carmax to see what they can do for us. They tried to sell us another piece of *** Mustang but we didn't have the $8000 cash to cover the overage of the current piece of *** we currently have.

I guess the end result is I can use this experience to warn others, that is the only good that will come out of this HORRIBLE car experience. Good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Loan.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Tempe, Arizona, United States #964846

Most of the problem is you not carmax they sold you something you wanted and it was a lemon . lemons are in every make and model .

you can buy a brand new car and it could be lemon right off the bat . just BC its new doesn't garuntee that it will run good for a while . you let mechanics do a lot of unnecessary work on the car that didn't need to be done on it. You had about 30 repairs that weren't needed on the car .

then you finally found a mechanic that fixed the real problem with the car . read the manual on the car it will tell you if that part need to be replaced after a certain amount of miles . take the car in to several mechanics .

get different diagnosis from different companies . just like going to the doctor .

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #948624

You would think carmax would stop keeping these mini coopers on their lots. Why would any company try to sell something that will cause them so many issues?

Oh yeah, carmax makes money on the sale and the repairs and it's the owners headaches now!! Silly me


Know I'm late to the party, but for anyone else considering a Mini Cooper let this be a lesson. Every *** one of them is a pile of ***.

It really doesn't matter who inspects it.. it may be fine at the moment but that won't last long!

Sucks this happened to you..

I'm sure next time you'll buy using your brain and not emotions. Find a good independent mini/BMW guy and keep it regularly checked, this will keep things from snowballing.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #924955

To me, carmax is making millions on the uneducated folks who just want to buy a vehicle. I am willing to bet if people did their time consuming (well worth it) research on vehicles and dealerships before they bought, carmax would be in a much different position.

Bartow, Florida, United States #924012

I am a BMW technician and I always try to work on minis when they come in. Why? Because I always am garunteed an easy job that is AT LEAST three hours book time so, any job excluding maintence usually makes me about 60$ no matter what.


What did you expect? You bought a Mini.

Read rewiews about that car.

They are problematic to pur it kindly.

I have not had any experiences with car max, but I am inclined to steer away from there.


It's a Mini, every single Mini is junk no matter where it's bought from. And buying any used car without a warranty is not a real good idea in the first place. I'd cut your losses now and get out of that car ASAP.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #823735

Stop looking for unreliable vehicles!! Especially from carmax!!!!

to ringleader #828743

Hey, thanks for the helpful advice! I am going to write that down!!!!

to tvbehn #853539


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